The Benefits Of Co-working

The benefits of co-working for freelancers

Co-working is something I think works well for so many individuals and organisations. As the word suggests it is about working together rather than hiding in an ivory tower of your own office. Instead of seeing people isolated in cubicles or behind  screens, it brings people together in an open workspace. In a very troubled world, I think the more we come together for work and play the better. This post is about the benefits of co-working.

The benefits of co-working

I think any worker can benefit from co-working to be honest. However as a freelancer myself, it really appeals as working from home or making a makeshift office at a coffee shop table can be isolating and inefficient. I can see how co-working means you would have someone to pass the time of day with and we all need that for our mental wellbeing. Co-working is great for any entrepreneur and could lead to some powerful networking opportunities.

Partnership working

Partnership working used to be a real buzzword when I was employed some time ago. This was largely as I worked in the charity sector and funding from Government bodies often depended on showing how you were working with other organisations. That led to a few quite cynical partnerships but I still think the idea of sharing is a very good thing and that money does not have to be the currency involved. People in a co-working space will have different backgrounds, educations, training records, knowledge and clients. I think it is possible that with the right attitude everyone in the co-working scenario could benefit seeing their businesses advance that much  quicker as a result.

Confession time

I have to admit that I do not always work productively when at home. There is the housework which stares me in the face asking me when I am going to wash up or hang washing out. There are floors and surfaces to clean on what seems an almost permanent basis. I have animals and children both of which can distract me from what I am trying to achieve work wise. OK let’s really admit the awful truth that I also watch way  too much daytime television having sworn as a child that I would not be like my mum in doing so.


Co-working is usually a more affordable option that renting office space of your own. In fact by sharing the costs effectively, you can end up with some really classy locations designed with business in mind. You are not tied into long legal arrangements and you don’t need to invest in desks, chairs and other equipment of your own.

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