Lighting Tips For The Bedroom
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Lighting tips for the bedroom tonight

I love it when my bedroom is my sanctuary and a safe place to retreat to not just at night time but at any time of day where I need some me time and to escape the challenges of the day. I might want to read or watch television. I may just wish to be mindful. Sometimes my husband or children may be with me and sometimes the dogs put in an appearance too. Here are top lighting tips for the bedroom to get the mood right.

Lighting Tips For The Bedroom

One thing that has to be just right is the lighting in my bedroom and just one form really will not do. It is great to check out a design light shop for inspiration.

Lighting tips for the bedroom

You really don’t have to settle for just a central ceiling light in the bedroom. Different forms of lighting suit different activities that take place in the bedroom. Many of us have beside lamps particularly helpful if you share your bed. I like how if my husband reads longer than me which he usually does, I can turn off my lamp and have a darkened space.

Mixing things up a bit

Things don’t have to be traditional or the same as what everyone else does. Your bedroom should express who you are. What colours do you love? Should you experiment with different heights? I like to have retro choices or something a little quirky. Pendant lights take up less space and I think look super stylish. Just be absolutely sure you get them at the right height for your reading and so on. If you love all things Japanese, perhaps something like this neon japanese LED sign could be an option to provide both light and a statement piece on the walls that is sure to impress people when they see it!

Lighting up your clothing

I have never done this but it makes such sense to have lighting for your wardrobe or walk-in closet. Good lighting makes it that much easier to choose your outfit and to match  different separates. If you are like me, it also helps you check that the clothes are actually in pristine condition. Do ensure your lighting choices for your clothing storage areas are absolutely safe and not presenting health and safety hazards.

Bring in an expert on lighting

You could consider consulting a lighting designer such  as Paula Artnzen. Tapping into creative ideas and proper expertise can end up saving you from making potentially expensive mistakes.

Happy lighting

I love how lighting in whatever room in the house really can change your mood. Adding an artistic pendant light or unusual wall light, from City Lights for example, could lift both the room and your spirit. As someone who has experienced depression and can still suffer from low moods from time to time, anything that enhances my frame of mind quickly is vital. I use music and I need the right sort of light and colour. It is so easy to think lighting is not important but I think it is. I remember telling my Dad to get rid of some ugly shades on the lights in his new home after Mum died. We are valuable enough to live with beauty and light.

Do you have top lighting tips for the bedroom to share with my readers?

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  • Sophie

    I think that’s it’s also important to consider how environmentally friendly your lighting is! I recently switched all the lights in my house to LED energy saving bulbs and I already feel like it’s saved me some money. Some people are scared by the idea of installing LED strip lights but you can always get an electrician in to help out.

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