Updating Your Central Heating System
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Updating your central heating system

Central heating is something many of us take for granted. Gone are the days where we just relied on coal or log fires and most modern homes have central heating in place. What should you do if you are thinking of updating your central heating system or perhaps putting in central heating for the first time?

House size – updating your central heating system

Your central heating installation cost will vary according to the size of your home. You need to work out how much space you have and the number of bath or shower rooms is particularly relevant. You also need to make choices taking into account how many people live in your house and how much water they use. These are the factors that will influence your choice of boiler The three types of oil boilers to choose from are regular boilers, system boilers and combi boilers.

Benefits of combi  boilers

If you just have one bathroom, a combi boiler works well as you only need the space for the boiler itself. Combi boilers heat water when you need it which means you save money on bills. Combis tend not to have tanks or a cylinder although some have a built in tank which helps with the higher flow rate needed if you have a large property. If you have one or two bathrooms, you are advised to consider a combi boiler but if you have more this would not be the best option for you.

Consider changing the whole system

Although central heating quotes can be scary, you do need to think about your best course of action. It can be false economy to try to cut corners just storing up problems for the future. If your central heating system is decades old, a new boiler, cylinder, radiators and valves will improve performance and efficiency. Central heating experts advise you not to neglect pipework which may have leaks you don’t even know about and may not work well with your new pressurised central heating system. Most modern day plumbers use a mix of copper and plastic piping.

Space savings

By getting rid of hot water cylinders and fitting a combi or replacing the existing cylinder, you can free up space. This can make a big difference to your bathroom perhaps allowing space to put in a shower cubicle. In general, new boilers are much smaller than older ones so if you want a neat look, getting rid of the old and investing in the new is a great home improvement.

Future plans

When doing anything to improve your home, it is always worth looking at the bigger picture. Do you dream of a loft extension in the future? How would that impact on your boiler? Similar questions apply if you would like new bathrooms or shower rooms as you move forwards with your home improvements.

Do you have any tips for someone updating their central heating system?

You may want to look into saving on heating bills.



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