Money Worries? These Steps Could Help

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2020 has been a tough year financially for the vast majority of us. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound (and largely detrimental) impact on companies of all shapes and sizes, across a whole host of industries. This, in turn, has had an impact on jobs and the people working them. If you’ve found yourself out of work, made redundant or on a reduced income, you’re far from alone. Countless people are in the same boat as you. This, of course, can be stressful. When work goes away, bills and financial commitments don’t. On top of this, we’re fast approaching what is (for many of us) the most expensive month of the year. December sees holiday season festivities, Christmas and New Year. This can be costly in the form of gifts, decorations, socialising (where possible) and more. So, what can you do to reduce your money worries? Here are a few suggestions.

Stop Worrying About the Holidays

Let’s start by clearing up that the holidays shouldn’t have to be an expensive time of year. Sure, many of us get into traditions that can prove costly. But they can be made cheap too. People know that others are struggling, so expectations aren’t all too high. If you like to give gifts, consider something small or homemade. If you have traditional foods and drinks that you enjoy at this time of year, see whether you can find unbranded or create homemade versions. If you like to decorate, consider more foraged and natural decorations (such as pine cones), make your own decorations (such as drying your own orange slices) or repurpose old decorations. There are ways to save all round while still maintaining a festive spirit and atmosphere.

Find Ways to Get By

If you’ve started a new role but are waiting for your first payday, you can find ways to get by. Consider Payday loans, which can tide you over until you receive the money that you need. Just make sure that you definitely have the money coming in to pay them back quickly. Try taking on some overtime to make up for income lost while you weren’t working. Consider selling belongings that you don’t need or get much use out of to bridge gaps.

Consider Roles You Might Not Usually

If you’re struggling to find more work, you may find that it’s because the industry you’ve worked in and have qualifications or experience in has been hit hard by the pandemic and may not be recruiting or getting back off the ground for a while. In this case, you may need to consider roles that you wouldn’t usually apply for – at least for the time being. There are many essential industries out there that require extra workers right now. For example, supermarkets, delivery drivers and more.

These are just a few suggestions. Sure, they might not all be entirely ideal. But they really can help you to get up and back on your feet until the situation caused by the pandemic begins to improve!

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