23 things that make women inspirational

What are the things that make women inspirational?

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What makes a woman inspirational will of course vary a little according to the individual concerned. Inspirational is one of those words that is a little intangible and you can bet your bottom dollar that if you tell someone they are inspirational they will argue that they are not.

Things that make women inspirational

Here are my ideas on what makes a woman inspirational and I would love to know what you think.

1. She speaks honestly and openly.

2. She describes genuine feelings which helps others to feel less isolated.

3. She is not scared to tackle the taboo or uncomfortable issues.

4. She accepts that women have a right to do their own research and to decide on the best course of action for them.

5. She does not big herself up.

6. She counts her blessings.

7. She is likely to have overcome great difficulties and obstacles.

8. She focuses more on others rather than worrying about what others think about her

9. She will give advice but not insist people take it.

10. She asks for support when she needs it

11. She keep on keeping on

23 things that make a woman inspirational

12. She has learned to take time out and relax for her own wellbeing and so that after a break she can get back to changing things for the better.

13. She knows as life changes, she may have to rediscover or reinvent herself

14. She will challenge the status quo

15. She will go out of her comfort zone

16. She will remember and honour those who helped her on her journey.

17. She makes things happen

18. She knows she does not have all the answers so she has the ability to listen and learn

10. She is resourceful seeking out the right knowledge, equipment, contact, skills, qualities or person.

20. She is the one of those special individuals who just get on and do it whilst everyone else is talking about it.

21. She counts herself amongst generous spirits happy to share what they have learned along the way.

22. She smiles and can be fun to have around.

23. She creates memorable moments.

Where are they?

So who are these inspirational women? You will find them amongst the creators and the campaigners. You will also find them in business, in the public sector and in charities. You will also them amongst the stay at home mums a lot. I bet you can name one in your own head right now.

Over to you, what does make women inspirational?

So do you know an inspirational woman and what does she mean to you?

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