How Home Decor Can Lift Your Mood

The common term ‘home comforts’ is accurate in so many ways. It is not just a safe area, our comfort zone which provides a sense of familiarity and warmth. It is our go to space because it is designed and decorated by us for us so it is only natural to assure that being around the things we love at home can lift our spirits. Incorporating the psychology of interior design in your favourite place can lift your mood and free your mind. Small alterations to colours, layout, and fabrics have a huge impact on our state of being. They effortlessly and often inadvertently evoke positive feelings amongst many which is massively beneficial to all. From decorative rugs to bespoke throws and modern art, below, we examine just how impactful home decor can be; 


Emotions Derived From Perceptions

There are two categories of people when it comes to home decor and both have very emotional patterns but for very different reasons. We can separate them by looking at Person A who is self-sufficient and very single minded whilst Person B is the people pleaser, very house proud and influenced by everything.


Using Home Decor For A Personal Boost

Firstly you will have Person A who will arrange their home specifically for them without a care in the world for other people’s opinions. As long as they are happy then Person A will not change anything in their surroundings to benefit anyone other than themselves and their own personal tastes. Person A’s attitude to home decor is likely to be extremely satisfying as they will not allow other opinions to cloud their judgement nor will any outside influence interfere with their mood. Therefore when Person A decorates, they are looking after number one and the after-effects ar purley intrinsic rewards and they are happy and content with their choices. Their perception of their efforts at home are great and this in turn makes them happy and lifts their spirits.


Keeping Up With The Jones’

Secondly you have the contrasting emotions and actions of Person B who gains gratification and personal satisfaction by both impressing and pleasing others. A form of social acceptance from friends, neighbours, family or any visitor into their home is enough for them to be happy. Person B will think nothing of choosing an item or a style that outside influences have told them is modern, trendy and ‘in’ even if it goes against their personal taste. Person B gets pleasure from approval from their peers rather than choosing what they really want themselves. A nod of appreciation from an external source provides the sufficient uplift they seek from home decor.


Final Thoughts On The Psychology Of Home Decor

There is on occasion an overlap of the senses home decor can create but this fusion is rare and somewhat confusing as with most things in life, you can’t have everything. The individualistic characteristics of Person A exude contrasting emotions than that of the hesitant and team-player attitude of Person B but both get gratification from home decor and a lift in very different ways. Person A uses home decor to provide self satisfaction whereas Person B uses it as a relief mechanism when they have impressed their peers. Both can produce endorphins and lift your mood through home decor. 


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