Christmas toys to delight your kids

Well after a year that can only be described as challenging and with restrictions in place, let’s make Christmas fun this year for our kids. I have a brilliant selection of toys to give you some affordable ideas that look good and provide hours of fun for family and friends.

RC Stunt Car

I love this vibrant stunt car as it looks so sturdy. Too many things like this look as if they will break in minutes. Even I love a stunt car that goes backwards, forwards and has a fine line in spins and flips. It is worth investing in more than one of these so family members can have a race. With 4 wheel drive like the best cars this one works in multiple terrains. As a mum who worries too much I am delighted to know that the car is made out of premium ABS plastic and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials. Order your RC stunt car today.

RC Racing Car

I love the stunt car but I think I like the racing car even more with  its stylish red and black colours. My son tells me this is a speedy drill car and apparently can reach an impressive speed of 18km per hour. That is amazing and bound to give any car fan a thrill. Again you can get the kids together with their friends with  multiple RC cars. Whilst they are having a blast, you know they are developing team and social skills. I want a toy that lasts and this one is built out of high-quality ABS and PA material. It has undergone Impact and Drop tests, ensuring toughness and maximum durability. It is not too complex to operate either, The last thing you want on Christmas Day is spending hours trying to figure out how a toy works. Treat your loved one to the RC racing car today.

RC Robot

Don’t even think anyone is getting their hands on this gift in our family. I have always had a bit of a thing about robots. I think this one is so cute. This one is so much better than the ones I remember from childhood. It can sing 5 songs with movements, flashing eyes and dancing. It can navigate obstacles in the most clever way. Yes this one is aimed at children and can be programmed but I just love my new friend. You can order the RC Robot and get your own pal.

RC Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are timeless as they always thrill adults and children alike. Whether your kids love to see a fight or a dance this toy is for them. It comes with pre-recorded music and can slide and walk. I love the head which shakes and the tail which wags. You even get multiple voices and LED eyes. My youngest loves how it roars and performs battle actions, locking the target and launching bullets. Guarantee fun at Christmas by ordering the RC Dinosaur today.

RC Robot Dog

I love the toys listed above but my absolute favourite is this little chap. It is the ultimate in cute. Children will adore him and he comes with the joys of a real dog without the work. He walks, barks, winks, sings and dances. My daughter loved the cute lights on his back. We are hoping to get a puppy soon but in the meantime the Robot Dog gives us that canine fun.

All the toys are affordable and make for great family fun. They are easy on the eye, programmable and rechargeable.

Which is your favourite toy?






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