Blogging – it’s a kind of magic!

When I think about blogging I think it’s a kinda magic!

Many bloggers are heading to BritMums Live at the weekend. There will be useful sessions on clever ways to attract and keep readers.

There is little doubt there is a science of blogging.

Howvever, let’s not forget the magical parts of the journey. Here are some of mine and I bet you recognise some of them yourself.

1. The people in my in offline world who did not really get me and then read my blog and wanted to be friends or worked out I was quite not they thought I was.

2. How when facing a crisis, the right person turns up with exactly the right advice or support.

3. The buzz when I met a blogger for the first time and felt like I was part of something after years of isolation.

4. Attending a blogger conference and just happening to be stood next to a person who would become a heartfelt friend.

5. How I got involved in working for BritMums. This happened in a very unpredictable way.

6. How when I need help with tech or design issues, a miracle worker turns up just in the nick of time

7. How when I set up Groovy Mums, it hit a nerve with the very people who needed it most.

8. How my husband realised I had a life of my own beyond the house and family and learned to love that idea.

9. How my Dad’s memoirs could via the blog reach a wider audience

10. How I have no idea where the journey will take me next and how that excites me rather than terrifies me. That shows that blogging has changed me.

So yes I think you can do all the bells and whistles stuff to good effect. However, the magic that the universe just delivers excites me even more.


What magic has blogging worked in your life?

Award-winning writer, blogger, social media consultant and charity campaigner. Social Media Manager for BritMums, the UK's largest parent blogging network Freelance clients include Firefly Communications and Save the Children UK. Works with brands on marketing projects. Examples include Visit Orlando, Give As You Live, Coca-Cola and Kodak. Cambridge Law graduate with many years experience working across three sectors in advice, media relations, events, training and project management. Available for hire at affordable rates.


  • Candace

    Love every point you have made Kate. Sure is a special journey to be on.

    Looking forward to meeting you Friday x

  • Size15Stylist

    Oh, blogging is fabulous! I’ve learned so much about social media from writing my style blogs – and listing my essential books to blog by – and reading other writer’s inspirational words!

  • Hannah

    Loving the new mobile look Kate much easier to read your fabulous blog! I love blogging I’ve climbed snowdon, raised money, battled through anxiety like never before had mama retreats wow it’s changed me! All the best fir Britmums xx

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