Getting advice from a probate solicitor

Getting advice from a probate solicitor can help as we face our own mortality.

Love and pain

If we are loved and have loved, we have had an amazing life right there. However almost through that very loving, we are guaranteeing ourselves abject emotional pain in the future.

Death is an inevitable part of everyday life and when you see someone looking miserable and you feel like telling them to cheer up it is good to remember that they might be recently bereaved.

We can debate whether it is more challenging to lose someone suddenly in an accident perhaps or after a short or long illness. What is clear is that when someone says goodbye forever it hurts.


What can make grief worse is when family members torn apart by feelings of guilt and anger start tearing each other apart in the aftermath of the death.

Just when you are feeling immobilized by your feelings, there are things that need your attention such as arrangements regarding the deceased person’s personal possessions, bank accounts and share certificates. It can be very overwhelming particularly when you are also trying to arrange the right type of funeral for your special person.

Getting  advice from a probate solicitor

Advice from an expert solicitor can come in very handy to avoid major financial problems and mental stress in the future.

How much do you know about probate law? Isn’t it a good idea to get advice now and to prevent future problems for your family? Having these things in place can make things easier in the long run. We have all heard of and/or personally experienced the horror stories where issues around intestacy and wills destroy family relationships.

Probate solicitors at Coles offer the first meeting free of charge and the service can be delivered through any channel that is most convenient for you such as online, by telephone, in their offices or in your own home.

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