London Scrappage Scheme: What is it and why has it been introduced?

It is no secret that our planet needs a bit of a helping hand as far as pollution goes. In fact, more and more of us are becoming aware that we need to do more to protect our planet and keep it as healthy as possible.

This is particularly true in heavily built up areas, such as London. There have been a variety of things that have been put in place to help London be as clean as possible, particularly when it comes to the amount of traffic that travels through the city on a daily basis.

The first thing that was introduced was the congestion charge, then it was the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and then the newest thing is the London Van Scrappage Scheme. But what is this and what does it actually mean for those who own a van in the capital?

What is the scheme?

Vans and minibuses are a common sight in London and whilst much can’t be done to stop this, there are things that can be done to make sure that the vans that are in the city are not polluting the air so much. The main one is this London Van Scrappage Scheme.

This scheme has been set up to ensure that businesses throughout London take the time to think about the vans and minibuses that they use and whether they would be better off getting a newer model to help with their impact on the environment.

If you meet the qualifications of the scheme, then you will be able to cash in £6,000 to a new electric vehicle or £3,500 to fund a cleaner vehicle. So long as you scrap your old one.

But what are the qualifications?

When it comes to qualifying for this particular scheme you don’t have to just qualify as a business, but also your vehicle has certain qualifications too.

For businesses you need to be able to prove that you are based in London, or one of the surrounding boroughs. You also need to prove that you have less than 10 employees (as this shows that you are a small business). You also need to be able to show that your turnover is below £632k per year and that you are registered with Companies House as an active UK company.

Your vehicles on the other hand need to be owned for more than 12 months (before the end of February 2019) it also needs to be insured for business use. Your vehicle will need to be road taxed and have a valid MOT certificate.

What you do with your vehicle also is important and you are going to need to not only have it scrapped in order to qualify for the scheme, but make sure that it is scrapped by an Authorised Treatment Facility.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of the scrappage scheme, then take a look at and see what scrappage options are open to you.




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