Perfect bedding for teenagers from Kids Club

The perfect bedding for teenagers can be tricky. All of a sudden the favourite characters from cartoons and the like just don’t cut it. However, it seems a shame to just go for plain and boring bedding. Incredibly, I have 3 teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 18 years. Just where can you find the perfect bedding for teenagers?

Perfect bedding for teenagers

As a stressed out mum, I was rescued in the bedding dilemma by Kids Club by Portfolio. Their designs can be found nationwide in leading high street and online merchants. They range from pretty to funky. What is amazing is that you can continue a theme with co-ordinating  throws, cushions and curtains.

Fun duvet covers

I have to admit I was a bit envious when the package of three duvet covers arrived. There was a pretty design in a lovely pale pink  called Glitter Stars which my daughter immediately ran upstairs with. There was a brilliant duvet cover with a retro cassette design. It made me nostalgic and if my 13 year old son has not seen it on arrival, I may well have pinched it for my own bed. I loved its vibrant colours and the way the cassette tape shape suited the pillow shape so very well. The final bedding set which was gaming related caused a  bit of a tug of war between my teenage sons.

Perfect Bedding For Teenagers

Mum’s point of view

I loved that you could choose perfect bedding for teenagers with fun and trendy designs that would fit not just single beds but also double and king-sized ones. Two of my teenagers have double beds. Duvet sets are fully reversible and easy  to wash. You can tumble dry if you like but I prefer to line dry bedding. I loved how the sets were so trendy that my teenagers were more than happy to help to make their beds.  It’s probably worth saying that the duvet covers have buttons rather than poppers.

PerfectBedding For Teenagers

Kids Club by Portfolio offer colourful designs for all children right from toddlers to school-age children to my 18 year old son who has won the battle for the skulls duvet set.

What is your favourite duvet design?

Perfect Bedding For Teenagers




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