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Creative lighting ideas for your garden

Everyone with a garden realises how lucky they are right now. Our outside space is always a lovely sanctuary but particularly in these times of lockdown. I know I get a little stir crazy from time to time. Even a few minutes in the garden lightens my mood. As the weather gets warmer I will be spending more time out there with  family members or alone with a good book. We may even have a barbecue or dine al fresco so I have looked at lighting ideas to make the most of our garden during and after dusk.

Creative lighting for gardens

My research has really inspired me. I love the idea of lighting our hedge from the bottom of it at intervals so that there is a mix of light and shade. I may play with lighting across the various trees and shrubs. You can get lighting on spikes that you can move around as you see fit perhaps drawing attention to a particular plant or garden feature.

Colour choices

Of course, lighting does not have to be plain and boring. You can inject colours too and we need colour in our lives right now. Look how those pictures of rainbows cheer us all up a little in these testing times. So why not try some rainbow LEDS, coloured glass bulbs, or Neon Lights to add some bright colour to the place? Colours are always a matter of personal taste. Some like something subtle shades whereas I like vibrancy. Be cautious about not ending up with a garish garden though.

Release your inner child

It is always good to get in touch with your inner child. It makes you feel good when you decorate your garden with things like bunting. You can get your chalks out with the family and become pavement artists on your hard surfaces. Your Christmas fairy lights can be used all year round if the mood takes you. Paper lanterns are not just reserved for Chinese New Year so have fun with your lighting choices.

Your budget

You should only ever spend what you can realistically afford on garden lighting. Professional schemes can cost you thousands which is fine if you have that much in the bank. However, even something as simple as tealights can be so effective. You should also check out outdoor LED lighting for the garden.


I hope some of these ideas have inspired you. Now that we can visit garden centres again, it is well worth a visit to discover ideas for creative lighting that you may not have thought about before. Pinterest also offers so much inspiration. Get your garden lighting sorted now and then in the weeks or months ahead you can host a celebratory garden party for family and friends at the end of lockdown.







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