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I find myself separated from two of my children in the current crisis. It is not easy as we are very close. We are having to work out how to communicate in a way that suits us all with no real experience of doing so. At this time every individual and family has unique challenges. If we come out of this alive and well, we have to count our blessings. In the meantime we keep in touch regularly with texts, phone calls, emails and the new joys of WhatsApp.

Monogram maker

I have looked at various ways to make my family feel special and loved whilst I am apart from them. I was overjoyed to be able to send my daughter a cake, balloons and cuddly toy for her sixteenth birthday. I was thinking about sending her regular postcards. However, recently I have come across the idea of a monogram to make family members know they are on my mind.  A monogram is a motif of two or more interwoven letters, typically a person’s initials, used to identify a personal possession or as a logo. I can design a monogram for free and easily. My daughter is very creative so she will love it. The great news is you can do this without any design experience and without having to install anything.

Easy to use

Monogram Maker is so simple to use. You begin by choosing the letters for the mongram. You see your monogram appearing before you very eyes as you add the various elements. Once you have your letters you pick a fun font, add creative frames and any additional text you would like to see. It is great to play around and let’s face it right now we have time on our hands. When you are sure you have finished your work of art, you download your monogram and you can add it to any other documents. You can print it and post or send via email. I might even try to make some craft and add the monogram to it. Once those creative juices get going, I get on a roll. There are images that would work really well for Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day too. I fell in love with a cute penguin along the way!

I can see this tool working well for wedding stationery once we can get back to having weddings. Business people  might also find it helpful as part of their marketing mix.





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