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I have hit the point in life where I have 3 young adults ready to make their way in the world. As a single parent with little support from my children’s absent father it can feel overwhelming to work out how much to guide and how much to leave them to their own devices. I have a son reading Politics and Sociology at Exeter University who feels disappointed in his experience there to date. It seems a lot of students are not getting the wonderful learning and social experiences we may have sold to them over the years. The pandemic has taken a toll on our young people at a point where they want to connect and are faced with social distancing measures. Welfare staff are busy as are doctors who might be able to help with any emotional troubles our students face in this strange new world. I have a daughter who is a creative and fascinated by Japanese culture. I have a son who is hoping for a science career. Someone mentioned that internships in Tokyo are available so I am looking into the possibilities and benefits of doing an internship in Japan.

Benefits of an internship in Tokyo

Japan’s capital city is one of those that captures the imagination from afar. Tokyo has very ancient traditions for sure but is also right at the forefront of so much innovation. My daughter has always had a fascination with the city telling me she would like to visit Shinto shrines. I smile to myself as I am sure she would also love the multistorey shopping arcades and the foodie treats on offer. I have promised myself to make a trip to Japan happen for her one day and and International Internships Tokyo  give options to do just that. It would also be an amazing place for me to visit with my aim to travel more in the second half of my life.

Range of internships available in Tokyo

My children share values but are very different in terms of their interests and career ambitions. Tokyo is an obvious place for my daughter to be inspired as a city of media and communications. She is studying creative media for 3 years with a wish to go into game design. Japan is the home of Anime and Manga so it is perfect if she decides to take on an internship. Although my son wants to pursue a political career in the United Kingdom, he learned a lot from his time in France so going to Japan might just shake up his life again in a positive manner. My youngest lad who is very money focused may enjoy Tokyo as it is one of the world’s most important financial hubs. To be honest, I think any young person would get a lot out of an internship in Japan.

Benefits of an internship in Tokyo for your career

It’s vital to stand out from the crowd as a young person starting your career. If your Curriculum Vitae is average, you are unlikely to get as far as a job interview. I cannot think of any employer who would not be at least intrigued and probably impressed if a young person had to courage to travel for an internship in Japan. It shows guts and an independent spirit. It demonstrates a wish to learn and to challenge yourself. You can build up useful contacts whilst you are doing your internship that may prove of value in later life. You are probably going to learn some Japanese too. Career-boosting international internships are awesome and young people will talk about their experiences for years to come. I remember leaving Cambridge University with a great Law degree but very little work experience. Internships can provide a useful stepping stone between education and your first job.

Beyond Academy international internship in Tokyo

Beyond Academy offer internships in Tokyo in an awe-inspiring 18 industries. These include business, technology and fashion which may well appeal to my daughter. They will help you arrange transport and you will get a welcome bag on arrival and a sim card on request. Community is an important part of the offering so there are dinners and day trips to enjoy with your peers. Career development is brilliant with coaching, courses, tools and networking events. You get help to build your Curriculum Vitae and a certificate to demonstrate your achievements. Feedback from previous interns can be seen in online videos.

2022 is the perfect year to become an intern

The whole world has had such a jolt due to the pandemic. We have lived with real restrictions on where we can go, what we can do and who we can meet. As the pandemic is more under control with vaccination programmes in place, 2022 is the perfect year to consider an international internship. If Coronavirus taught us anything it is surely to seize the day and push ourselves out of limiting comfort zones. As a parent I will certainly be encouraging my children to live positive and full lives. If one or more of them chooses an internship in Tokyo they will have my full support and encouragement.

Do you have experience of international internships? How did you find your experience?

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