How to find bloggers to work with

How to find bloggers to work with is a question many brands are asking themselves. In recent years bloggers have become key influencers having a huge impact on sales for businesses both online and on the High Street. There are  so many people claiming to have an amazing blog and huge followings. This post shows key areas that brands get wrong when reaching out to bloggers and how these errors might be fixed.

How to find bloggers to work with

Your first step is to learn how to communicate with bloggers well. Most bloggers have taken a lot of time and effort to build their blogs. They could very easily be described as an individual blogger’s baby. Many bloggers identify very closely with their blog. Consider if you were talking to a mother about her child for some reason. It would be important to get the child’s name right. Many bloggers receive emails naming blogs that are not theirs at all. Other bloggers will regale you with tales about how brands spoke about their lifestyle pretending they knew all about it but had clearly not done their research. When I was home educating there really was no point offering me samples of school uniform. I hope you get the point. Get to know the blog and ideally the blogger before making that first pitch to them.

Grab a blogger’s attention

Well-known bloggers receive so many emails per day asking to work with then. It is a good idea to make sure your pitch stands out. Make sure you are offering something that is bound to appeal to them. This might be the opportunity to review a product or service. It might be the offer to stay somewhere on holiday. It might just be a fun infographic or a meaningful bit of content that will appeal to their readership.

How are you going to send your information to the Blogger?

Part of finding bloggers to work with is researching how they like to receive things from you. If you are providing an infographic, is it compressed or hosted online? Do the dimensions of your content lend themselves to a blog format? Is you content mobile phone friendly? Bloggers love people who contact them making it clear they want to lighten the blogger’s load.

Finding bloggers to work with

The sad truth is that finding bloggers to work with takes a lot of time. If you rush your blogger outreach strategy, the chances are it won’t work. You need to invest a lot of hours to build relationships with the bloggers behind the blogs. You might have to compromise and negotiate as you deal with them. The budget you have in mind may not match the one in their media pack. They will love you forever if you engage with them on social media and actually read and comment on and share their blog posts.

Consider outsourcing your blogger outreach work

When you are running a business, you don’t just produce a product or service. You have to raise finance and manage your cashflow. You must keep financial accounts so you can keep tabs on things and report to HMRC. You will wisely carry out intensive market research. You may spend hours on your sales and marketing efforts. Do you really have the time to reach out to bloggers to promote your business? Be aware that you can outsource this aspect of your business so that someone else has the headaches of how to find the right bloggers to work with. Get Blogged is one of the first companies to offer this service and I highly recommend them.
























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