How to deal with fleas in the home

How to deal with fleas in the home is one of those issues we hope we will never face. Imagine having a pet that is in distress having to scratch furiously to gain relief from itching. It would be awful to be sitting watching your favourite television programme whilst fleas jump on your skin. Imagine the horror of finding fleas on your children. Fleas are tiny but powerful little beasts who can create horrors in the household. Find out how to avoid a flea infestation and rest assured that if things go wrong you can call in a pest control company to help.

How do fleas get in your home?

Fleas crawl on your pets when they are outside and suck their blood. They will also jump on humans leading to flea bits and the discomfort of itching. As fleas can jump nearly 4 feet despite their length of around 0.1 inches, they move very easily and with speed. Once in your home they breed like fury and will be seen on pets, family members and on household items.

How to prevent fleas in your home

The best way to prevent fleas taking over your house and life is to treat any pets with flea prevention products. In my experience, cheap products you find in the supermarkets are less than effective. Soapy water combined with vinegar can help and fleas are not fans of lemon juice either. Flea combs are useful for checking if your pet has fleas and if they still remain after that special bath. It’s important to note you can get special shampoos to tackle fleas. Eco-friendly products are available if looking after the environment is a concern of yours. Check out essential oils such as lemongrass, citronella and lavender which not only can help tackle fleas but can be very soothing to your pet.

Consult your vet

My strong advice is that as soon as you get a cat or dog you ask your vet about flea treatments. Prevention is much better than curing a flea problem. I have used Frontline and Advantage in the past to good effect. Squeezing the treatment on your pet can be tricky depending on the individual animal. One dog bit me badly when I was trying to administer treatment but I think that is quite rare. When putting these treatments on try to find an area where your pet will not be able to lick easily. The neck between the shoulder blades tends to work well.

Regular treatments for fleas

My dog is on a Vet Care Plan which means all worming and flea prevention treatments are so easy to manage. I get a text or email when I need to pick them up which means treatments are never missed or neglected. My plan also gets me a healthy discount on pet insurance which is vital if you are a good pet owner. You won’t need treatments for yourself or your home if you ensure you keep those nasty fleas away altogether.

Treating the home when infested with fleas

I hope your home never becomes infested with fleas. Remember visitors can bring fleas with them so your best efforts may not always mean your property remains flea free. You might even move into a home where fleas are already present. They are experts at hiding in furnishings, crevices and carpets. Treat all items such as bedding, rugs and fabrics to reduce the number of eggs and larvae. Vacuum to suck up fleas, pupae, larvae and eggs. Keep doing this as you won’t get rid of all the little blighters in one go. Buy specialist flea treatments to eradicate them from your home.

Fleas are irritating, embarrassing and cause disease so I hope this guidance helps you.



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