Why digital marketing matters

Digital marketing can appear to be yet another buzzword and businesses can choose to ignore it. I would argue that they are fools to do so as it brings many positive results when done properly. In this article, I share why digital marketing matters if you want to run a modern enterprise. Fear not because if you are uncertain of this relatively new way of promoting your business, you can call in the experts to explain why refreshing SEO research is important or to suggest creative ways to draw attention to your products or services online.

Affordable marketing

Gone are the days where you have to lay out huge amount of money to gain exposure in newspapers, on the radio or on television. This is wonderful news for all businesses but especially for start-ups or ones experiencing financial pressure post pandemic. Nowadays you can join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for free to start connecting with potential purchasers of your goods or services.

Easy to measure impact

Social media platforms provide tools so you can work out how well your digital marketing efforts are working. An example is Facebook Insights. Google Analytics is fantastic for helping you track the engagement with customers. You have a real chance of working out the return on investment in digital marketing than you do in the more traditional advertising methods. It can be fascinating to discover the age, gender, location, interests and personality traits of your target audience.

Ongoing customer engagement

The numbers of people using social media are huge and growing every day. Rather than give a marketing message just once, you can engage with potential and existing customers daily. This keeps your brand front and centre in their minds meaning they are more likely to buy from you. Even if they don’t they might share your content bringing you to the attention of new people. Having said that social media is a crowded place so ensure your content stands out as it is easy for the consumer to scroll past your output. If you get it right though, you might go viral in which case the rewards could be huge. If in doubt, follow highly successful brands and learn from the way they do things on social media and their websites.

Why digital marketing matters

The technological advances of this century mean you cannot be a ostrich as a business. Putting your head in the sand just because you fear or don’t understand the digital landscape is a mistake. You need to learn the basics and then respond to the rapid changes happening all the time in this field. The global pandemic  shook the world in so many ways. Digital marketing already mattered a lot but things speeded up in this field when we were in lockdown or facing other COVID restrictions on our lives. Mobile phones are now shopping channels. Social media usage has skyrocketed.  Video call technology via Zoom and Teams is now part of our everyday lives in a way we could not have imagined back in 2019. Good business sense means going where your customers hang out and increasingly that is online. You can do your own research or outsource digital marketing to ensure you get it right. Digital marketing matters and will do so for the foreseeable future.







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