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Top 5 Moissanite Engagement Ring Trends

moissanite engagement ring

Moissanite rings and lab grown diamonds have had a lot of attention in recent years and it’s unsurprising that 70% of millennials all would consider a moissanite and a lab diamond ring as an alternative to a mined diamond engagement ring. Moissanite is a bright and reflective
gem, and an amazing diamond alternative with a stunning visual appearance, perfect for newlyweds who desire an eco-friendly option and unprecedented shimmer and sparkle at an amazing price point.

Moissanite is a gemstone that is extremely rare in nature and much rarer than mined diamonds. In fact, moissanite is so rare that virtually all moissanite featured in jewellery is exclusively lab grown and produced in labs. Moissanite, often referred to as the gemstone of
the stars because of its cosmological origins and is quite literally born in the stars, so what a more romantic way to showcase your love?

Oval Cut Stones

Oval cut engagement rings have been floating around everywhere in the celebrity world and they’re definitely here to stay. Anyone who has been on Instagram in the past year will know that super large oval rings have been taking the jewellery world by storm and all for the right
reasons! From the likes of Hailey Beiber to Kourtney Kardashian, who have both been seen sporting an oval cut diamond ring and if you’re seeking a similar style for the fraction of the price, opting for a moissanite centre stone is an amazing option. Overall, oval cut moissanite rings are an amazing option as the oval is timeless, classic and super flattering on everyone. And did we mention, more affordable as moissanite costs up to 90% less than conventionally mined diamonds, allowing you to have a bigger rock for your

Halo Rings (and an honourable mention: The Hidden Halo)

A halo ring can be described as a ring with a centre stone that’s surrounded with a micro pavé of gems and is for sure a glamorous choice that is loved by many, including royalty! The halo ring has been popular for centuries and one of the most famous engagement ring
rings on the planet, formally Princess Diana’s and now Kate Middleton’s was in fact a halo setting. The halo engagement ring is a breathtaking ring style that is like now other. The versatility is an appealing factor as you can opt for a simple oval shaped ring to extravagant
round halos, the oval ring design is beyond compare and is suitable for any time period. We cannot talk about halo settings without the honourable mention of the hidden halo setting. If you’re looking for something slightly more unique with a modern twist, the hidden
halo style could be your perfect pairing. It takes the form of a beautiful solitaire setting that offers all the sophistication and class but that secret hidden halo that wraps around the centre moissanite stone adds an extra playful sparkly flourish.

Simple Solitaire

If you are seeking ultimate sophistication and simplicity, look no further than the classic solitaire setting. There is a reason why the simple solitaire has topped the most popular engagement ring style for decades, the no-frills approach that the solitaire setting takes is
what gives it the ‘never be out of style’ badge! If you’re not seeking to break the bank, a simple moissanite solitaire setting is a perfect
choice for those couples who are budget conscious or who simply desire an elegantly timeless classic option.

Pear Cut Stones

The pear cut is another style trend that has been everywhere in the past year and has been spotted on the red carpet by many celebrities; including Adele and Megan Fox. The pear cut stone is exactly what the name implies and can resemble a teardrop and is the perfect
combination of a marquise and round cut gemstone! This unique style of engagement ring is perfect for those who are seeking something outside of the box.

Split shank style rings

The split shank style band is simply a downright stunning option for those looking to have a sleek engagement ring that truly stands out from the crowd. One of the most appealing attributes of this style is the versatility of design options. Split shank engagement rings can
be as intricate or as simplistic as you want them to be. Whether that is a fancy twisted clutter band or a plain subtle band. This style works amazingly with a moissanite and is a perfect way to showcase that sparkly centre stone.

Final Thoughts

If the idea of a moissanite engagement ring has sparked your interest or you would like to find out more information about Lily Arkwright and their lab grown collections simply call them on: 0161 537 6773, or alternatively you can email their jewellery consultancy team at: or book an in-person consultation

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