Perfect Spring shoes from Hotter help Marie Curie

I am looking for perfect Spring shoes as I realise there is a new season on the way. It is time to put my boots away for another day. It’s important to find something comfortable and flat. I love a bit of colour when it come to footwear too so I was thrilled to hear about the Tara shoes from Hotter. Even better, these shoes help support the Marie Curie. Marie Curie are there at the times when you need someone to support you through the toughest of times.

Perfect Sprng Shoes

Generous charity partnership

For every pair of Tara shoes sold, £20 will go to Marie Curie helping to fund an hour of Marie Curie nursing care for someone living with a terminal illness. The shoe is now available to buy for £55 from all Hotter stores nationwide and from Since Marie Curie teamed up with the footwear brand in January 2018 Hotter have raised more than £75,000 for the charity. I love that there is a really good percentage of the sale price going to such a good cause.


The Tara – perfect Spring shoes

The Tara is the 3rd daffodil-inspired shoe following the hugely successful Daffodil Mabel and Daffodil Pixie. The daffodil version of Tara is easy to wear and perfect for spring. Made from lightweight, breathable canvas with a supportive, comfortable sole, Tara means you are ready for some fun Spring activities knowing your feet won’t be sore at the end of the day.

How Marie Curie supported my family

When my mum was in her last days, Marie Curie were a huge help to our family. They provided care for mum allowing my brother and dad to get some much-needed rest and respite. Marie Curie nurses are so lovely working with your individual family and their particular needs. I remember getting a text from my brother telling me to telephone my Dad urgently. I knew what it meant. When I telephoned, it was a Marie Curie nurse who answered the phone in such a safe and steady voice which is just what you need when you are facing such devastating news. She gave the phone to my Dad and he explained Mum had passed away. It was so reassuring when I was miles away to know that Dad was not alone. He was facing the loss of his partner of more than 60 years.

A couple of years, Marie Curie would be there again supporting my Dad in his last days. It’s a rotten time but they make it bearable.

The Daffodil Appeal

Daffodils are lovely in our gardens or on the perfect Spring shoes. At this time of year you can celebrate the daffodil and help Marie Curie at the same time. Did you know that every five minutes someone in the UK dies without getting the care and support they need at the end of their life? I am a big believer that if we get anything right as a society it should be how people enter the world and how they leave it.

Marie Curie provides much-needed expert care to people with terminal illnesses, as well as supporting their families. They did it for mine twice. They may well do so again in the future. They may have helped your family and sadly you may well need them even if that moment currently seems a long time off.

By donating and wearing your daffodil whether via the Tara perfect Spring shoes or one of the badges on sale on your high street, you are raising money so Marie Curie can plug that gap in care for more people with a terminal illness.

Perfect Spring Shoes

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15 thoughts on “Perfect Spring shoes from Hotter help Marie Curie”

  1. The shoes look really good, and like you said, it is great that Marie Curie gets a good percentage of the money. My dad was cared for by Macmillan nurses at the end of his life. I think that anything that supports this kind of care is great.

  2. Those are such lovely shoes, and what a great way to support Marie Curie, they really do amazing work. x

  3. I love hotter shoes, I need to wear a splint to walk so therefore need to buy 2 pairs of shoes in different sizes to accommodate the splint, hotter allow a considerable discount on the second pair#twinklytuesday@_karenfennis

  4. These are super cute shoes and look comfy too. Perfect for spring and great that they’re for a great cause too. I’m glad Marie Curie were able to help you through a tough time x #AnythingGoes

  5. If I ever left the house I’d definitely be happy in these – more so for the charity aspect! Unfortunately I still have a new pair of trainers from Christmas 2017 that I’ve not even worn yet – let alone the pair I was given in 2018 hahaha!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

  6. I love this shoe, it is so happy isn’t it! Yellow makes me happy, it also makes me envious that we are headed towards winter as right now I would love to head into another spring! Thanks for sharing on #ABloggingGoodTime

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