Top tips for buying shoes for women

When I was a child, I loved going to the the shoe shop. It was always the same one and I sat in a big cartoon-themed chair. I loved having my feet measured and choosing a pair of leather shoes. If I was lucky, the shoe shop visit would be rounded off by a visit to the ice-cream parlour. As a teenager I used to irritate my father by dragging him from shop to shop and sometimes town to town only to return hours later to the first pair of shoes I had looked at. Nowadays, we can buy online which is so convenient. I thought I would share my top tips for buying shoes with you.

Know your feet

This sounds a little silly but you need to get to know more than the size of your feet. Be aware that after childbirth your feet can change size. Mine have gone up two whole sizes since I was in my thirties. Also, be aware that your feet can swell during the day. If you are buying boots, you also need to know your legs well. Some of us have bigger calves than others and that is OK but might mean you need to shop from a specialist store.

Get the right shoe for the job

This is so important and one I have failed at on many an occasion. Who chooses cream and suede fashion boots to go on a forest walk in? If you and your family love walking, invest in some good hiking boots. This means you are less likely to fall over and your posher shoes won’t be ruined by mud.

Multiple purchases

If you love a particular style, it may be worth buying another pair ready for when the first pair gets past its best. Similarly you might want to buy a particular look in numerous colours to match specific outfits. You may think this means spending money you had not planned for but it will probably save you both money and time in the long run.

Comfort over fashion

I grew up with my Dad who taught me very early about the potential damage high heels can cause to your feet. I choose comfort over fashion every time. You rely on your feet to carry you around and don’t want them letting you down later in life. I have to admit in my early twenties I did fall for fashion sometimes and ended up with  bleeding heels and blisters.

What are your top tips for buying shoes?



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