Golf Advice That Every Beginner Must Follow In 2021

Golf is a classy game with a detailed set of rules that every player must follow right from the start. Choosing to play this sport in 2021 is a great idea as it favors social distancing by default. It comes as no surprise that golf is emerging as one of the most popular options for sports enthusiasts in the new normal. You can explore your talent and hone your skills without engaging with a lot of people. Moreover, the internet offers several resources to learn the game, so you can get down practicing without a lot of work.

But the new normal is an unprecedented time with unexpected risks, and you need to think beyond the ordinary. There are quite a few extra rules that make it to the new checklists for beginners. Even as the core roles are not hard to grasp, you must know this new list better before you book your time slot at the club. It may take some effort, but you will get a good start and be safe on the course. Let us offer some advice that every newbie must follow in 2021..

Gain insights before you start

While expert advice always helps, you must go the extra mile as a beginner this year. The game is solitary, and you may expect fewer people around on the course. You may seek some tips from your caddie or a teammate, but gaining insights before you start sets you up for success. Get as much information as you can from the internet, celebrity blogs, and seasoned friends and family members. A professional class to brush up on the basics gives you a good start. Ask questions and clarify doubts about the rules, hazards, and technicalities. A good understanding and knowledge of the game will help when you get down to work.

Learn the terminology

Golf insights give you a good start, but you may easily get confused if you do not know your terms well enough. Do you understand the difference between green and rough? What is the fairway? You need to know the exact meanings of terms like tee, ace, par, and stroke before your first session. Knowing the terminology is vital because it makes you more confident and helps you pick the game better. Moreover, it indicates to the people around that you are serious about the sport despite being a starter.

Gear up, but don’t spend a fortune

The next piece of advice is to gear up properly before you get started. While you must buy the best clubs and gear, do not spend a fortune. It makes sense to pick reasonable quality stuff at optimal prices rather than opt for high-end ones right away. As a beginner, you can never be too sure about continuing for the long run. Apart from the right club, you must look for the best golf bags too. Choose an ideal size that can carry the quintessential 14 clubs along with the other things you want to take along. You will probably need some extra space for your sanitizers and extra towels in the new normal, so choose carefully. Durability should also be on top of your mind when you buy your first golf bag.

Know the rules of the green

Once you are geared up, you will want to start playing right away. But just as you need to learn the terminology as a starter, knowing the rules of the green is crucial. These sound basic, but there is much to learn to act right on the course. For example, you can mark the position of your ball on the putting surface after it comes to rest. You can even lift and clean it, but you have to place it back at the exact spot. Likewise, you can repair pitch-marks or other damages before the completion of the hole. The rulebook is long, and you must go through it carefully before starting. Learn them as you go, and you will be a pro sooner than you imagine.

Stay a step ahead of the golf etiquette

Knowing and following the rules of the golf course is half the work done. You also need to stay a step ahead of etiquette. Taking it frivolously as a beginner is a bad idea because it can harm your reputation. While the etiquette depends on who you are playing with (you can take it easy with a friend), there are some general norms to abide by. For example, you must not talk during another player’s backswing because it is distracting for them. Avoid walking into another person’s line. Golf is a game of good manners, so steer clear of showing anger or aggression if you aren’t happy with your shots. A final piece of advice is not to take things too seriously.

Prioritize safety as you play

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned golfer, safety should be on top of your checklist in 2021. The pandemic may be under control, but the virus is still around, and everyone is at risk. It is crucial to follow the social distancing guidelines when you are at the club. You may want to shake hands or indulge in bear hugs when you get your shots right because it is exciting for a newbie. But it is best to avoid physical contact. Wearing a mask is important. You must also sanitize your hands often, on and off the course. Carrying your own food and drinks in your golf bag is a good idea. Avoid sharing your stuff with your teammates.

Starting your venture with golf is a great idea in the post-pandemic world. It is a perfect sport from the social distancing perspective, and there are plenty of clubs in every location across the country. But getting a good start depends on being ready to dive in. You need to understand the game well enough, down to terminology, rules, and etiquette. It is equally important to follow the pandemic norms when you are at the club. Play safe and enjoy the learning!

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