Why Edinburgh is our Dream Wedding Destination

Maybe we’ve watched too much Outlander, but there is something endlessly romantic about Scotland. There’s something about the idea of buying engagement rings in Edinburgh and proposing on Arthur’s Hill that feels like the epitome of romance.

But if you’re planning a destination wedding, there are plenty of reasons why Edinburgh should be top of your list. For a truly Scottish wedding, groomsmen in kilts and a ceremony in a castle are natural choices. But that’s not the only reason you should consider Scotland’s capital as your wedding destination. Here are some reasons why we wish all weddings happened in Edinburgh.

Stunning venues

There are so many beautiful wedding venues to choose from in Edinburgh. From the 600-year-old Dundas Castle to the picturesque Royal Botanical Gardens, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the Scottish capital. Edinburgh has everything when it comes to wedding venues. History, gorgeous architecture, and wondrous assembly rooms fill the city. Whatever style of venue you are looking for, Edinburgh is sure to offer it.

Breathtaking countryside

It comes as no surprise that the Scottish countryside is one of the main draws of having your wedding in Edinburgh. Rolling hills, majestic mountains, and tranquil river walks surround the city. You and your guests will be mere minutes away from the beauty of the Scottish countryside. What better way to celebrate before and after the wedding than a walk to the top of Arthur’s Seat or a peaceful wander down the Water of Leith.

Delicious food

When you think of Scottish cuisine, haggis, scotch eggs, and deep-fried Mars bars come to mind. If you want these at your wedding – great! But don’t fear if you are hoping for elegant, exotic, or exciting food choices for your special day. Edinburgh is a food lover’s heaven. Edinburgh is the home to a great selection of caterers sure to match all tastes and preferences. But even if you decide against haggis for your special day, be sure to try it while you visit!

A beautiful city

Put simply, Edinburgh is beautiful. Its gorgeous architecture ranges from quaint medieval houses in the Old Town to stunning Georgian architecture in the New Town. Edinburgh has been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world, beat out only by Rome, Florence, and Paris. If you ask us, however, Edinburgh’s classic beauty outshines even these European wonders.

Beach weddings

In Scotland, you can get married anywhere you like. So long as it is not private land, all you need to do is gather your wedding party and an officiant together and you can get married then and there. This means that if you’ve always been torn between a beach wedding and a city wedding party, Edinburgh is a perfect choice. Surrounded by stunning beaches, you and your beloved can wander down to Scotland’s dramatic coastline and be married by the North Sea.

Edinburgh is a vibrant, culturally rich, and beautiful city. Its warm and welcoming locals, historic setting, and amazing landscapes offer the perfect location for your dream wedding. If you’re hoping to tie the knot in a romantic spot, a trip to Scotland’s capital is the perfect way to do it.

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