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The Restored Review: helping you to sleep better

I recently wrote a blog post about how The Restored can help you to get your sleep,  nutrition, movement and mind-set back where they should be for optimum wellbeing. I took  The Restored online health quiz and was not at all surprised to learn that sleep is the health foundation I needed to work on most. Here is my The Restored Review.

The four foundations of health are sleep, movement, nutrition and mind-set.  It was recommended to me to focus on sleep and I am back to share my findings on the product that was sent to me for review.

I was kindly sent a pack of The Restored Advanced Night-time Nutrients for the purpose of this The Restored review.

The Restored Review

The Restored are an online retailer and health site that sell natural supplements. There are lots of retailers that meet that brief but I love the practical advice and support given by The Restored. Their health quiz is a must take for any person juggling the pressures of modern day life.  I like how they work out where you can start on your campaign back to total wellbeing. We are all individuals and they take that into account so the advice is tailored to your needs. The Restored believe you should focus on the 20% of effort that will govern 80% of your results. With that in mind, you start working proactively with their practical advice points on one foundation of health and work from there. As someone who believe self-care is all well and good but can become just another target or burden, I like the approach of The Restored..

Improving my sleep with The Restored

My sleep is my sanctuary and I have until recently always slept well. However, with recent stressors around moving home and empty nest syndrome, I find myself increasingly challenged when it comes to a good night’s slumber. I am troubled with nightmares. I wake up with racing and anxious thoughts. Sometimes these lead me to some quite dark feelings. Of course, having not slept properly, I do not handle my days and tasks as well as I could.

Taking The Restored’s Advanced Night-time Nutrients is having a positive impact on my sleep. You start by taking just one tablet and then work up to two. In case you have concerns, there tablets are food supplements which are vegan, made from 100% natural and gluten-free ingredients, are GMO free and GMP certified.

My sleep is improving and I particularly find when I do wake I feel less anxious and more relaxed meaning I can get back to sleep easily enough and even enjoy the odd lie-in. I need to ensure I follow other great tips from The Restored like avoiding caffeine in the afternoons. I drink far too much coffee so this is a great thing to do. I am ensuring I try to keep away from bright light in the evening and away from screens. One thing I really need to work on is sticking to the same routine around bed times so that my body clock learns to go on auto-pilot when it comes to sweet dreams.

Modern life and Multivitamins

The more I read the more worrying it becomes that despite many of trying so hard we are not getting the vital vitamins we need. We then wonder why we feel so worn out and low in mood.  This is a big issue for all the foundations of health.

Where sleep is concerned, The Restored reminds us “To sleep well, what’s needed is a formula that restores lost nutrients for deeper, better quality sleep combined with practical advice for a healthy sleep mindset and routine. The Restored Sleep Aid and sleep guidance can help you sleep better for good.”

The Restored – the good stuff
  • You can save money if you make multiple purchases
  • They offer a money-back guarantee
  • They are a UK company but deliver worldwide
  • They offer free UK delivery if your order amounts to more than £40
  • Expert nutritionists ensure the highest quality ingredients are used
  • Due to a high absorption system, no nutrients go to waste.
Overall conclusion

I have work to do on my wellbeing and The Restored have helped me make a great start. My sleep is improving day by day. I am reassured that I am not taking sedatives when I thought I may need them due to just not coping with the insomnia. I feel far happier taking a food supplement made of natural ingredients. I also love how The Restored empowers me to take my self-care seriously but not to burden me with unachievable targets. It’s not  just about popping the tablets but about the sleep course which is making a huge difference as I take baby steps to a well-rested and more positive Kate.

Did you enjoy my The Restored review and are you going to try some of their product?

The Restored Review


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