Practical Steps To Improve Your Health
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Practical steps to improve your health – The Restored

As busy women, it is vital that we look about our health and wellbeing. We deserve it as the individuals we are and also because it helps us look after those we care about better. I recently completed a health quiz with The Restored and loved the idea of this wellbeing concept. The Restored gives practical steps to improve your health based on your individual needs and circumstances.

The Restored

The Restored is a new online health start-up dedicated to creating innovative products alongside practical guidance to help people feel noticeably better in four foundations of health: Sleep, Movement, Nutrition and Mindset. I reckon if we get those elements right we have our best shot at being physically and mentally well.

Health quiz – practical steps to improve your health

It was really clear and made sense to me that my big health issue at the minute is sleep disturbance through stress. I have a lot of things on my mind with a lot of changes potentially happening very quickly. As a mum I worry about my three teenagers a lot even though they are really lovely, intelligent and caring people. I also juggle a lot of things every day which can become overwhelming if I do not take care of myself enough. In fact, recently I have taken charge of my nutrition and eat healthily every day. As a result I have lost over a stone in just two months. When I did the health quiz it was great to reflect on how both nutrition and movement are areas of health  I can be proud of.

Taking action with The Restored

Once my results were in, I immediately signed up to the Restored’s sleep course. The course was really easy to get my head round. The basic idea is that you take positive steps to help yourself. The suggestion is you do one module per week over 4 weeks but you can take it at a pace that makes sense to you. Science is explained in an accessible way. To be honest the course felt like a little friend always there to help me make progress in the area of wellbeing that I am currently struggling with the most. It was good to be reminded of some things I already knew and also to discover new information. Powerfully, as a busy mum, signing up for the course has made me make that investment of time and care for my own health.

The Restored – overall impressions

The great news is that whatever your particular issue is wellbeing wise, the Restored has practical steps for you to make quick and lasting changes. It caters to you as the  individual you are with your particular circumstances. That means it is far more likely to be effective in my opinion.

I would love to hear what practical steps to improve your health you intend to take in the next few weeks?

Practical Steps To Improve Your Health



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