How To Create A Great Home Office
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How to create a great home office

How to create a great home office is on my mind right now. Having made the generous decision to give a spare room to my husband as an office several months ago, I now crave a good working area with luxury office furniture for myself. Currently I work in the lounge right in the centre of our home. This means I often feel that someone is coming at me every five minutes wanting me to stop what I am doing. So if you feel like I do, here are five tips on how to create a great home office where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Set a realistic budget

You will need to invest some money in your home office. It won’t surprise you to know that I think it is vital that you set a realistic budget. You need to strike a balance between getting the things you need and not landing yourself in a heap of debt.

How to create a great home office for your specific needs

You may feel inspired by websites, Pinterest and catalogues. However, before you get carried away think carefully about what you really need from your home office. For example, will you have clients visiting or do you just need a basic space to keep your small business going?

Express yourself

Your home office needs to work for the individual you are as well as the type of work you do. Some people like to have plants and family photos around them. Others prefer a more clinical look. Have fun thinking about your favourite colours and  how you might incorporate them. Check out outlets like charity shops for wall art which will inspire you as you work.

The right technology

Too many small businesses don’t invest in the right technology in an attempt to save money. This can be false economy. If you have a computer that is slow and keeps crashing, you lose time and it has an adverse impact on your mental wellbeing. Increasingly you can avoid loads of expensive travel if you are able to hold meetings online. Make sure your computer and telephone make this easy to do.

How to create a great home office with health and safety in mind

Light is good for you so ensure you have good lighting in your home office. If you can find a space that has plenty of natural light you will be ahead of the game. Ergonomics are well worth looking into to ensure your body is protected during working hours.

Do you have any tips to share on creating the perfect home office?













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  • Alice

    I think your tips are spot on. Home offices should serve you with exactly what you need them for. I’m getting ready to make my own space that will also serve as a mini class for my kids where they can do worksheets, read, and create art while I work. The

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