Tyre Safety Matters

Tyre safety matters so take action today

Did you know that lack of tyre safety contributes to more than 1200 road accidents?

Driving with defective tyres can result in heft penalties such as £2500 along with three points on the licence!

Tyres matter and I asked my husband’s view as he is the driver in our family.

“I have always loved driving and recently bought a second-hand Jaguar car.

I use my car for the daily commute to work and for days out with my family.

My tyres are important. They are my only contact between my car and the road. They provide grip for steering and braking. Tread patterns help to disperse surface water from the road which could cause aquaplaning.

My usual daily journey involve urban roads and motorways so I need to make sure that the important parts of my tyres are kept within the limits the manufacturer of both my car and the tyres specify. Whilst the law states minimum tread depth of 1.6mm I never allow mine to fall below 2mm. Regular inspection of the tread and sidewalls is essential.

As the tyres approach the end of their useful life I prefer to plan the changes and to look around for the best prices. Point S tyre-dealers have sites around the country and it is easy to search for my tyre size and see respective prices from premium to economy brands. Once my search is complete I can find a site conveniently located and book an appointment. No turning up on spec to find my favourite is out of stock or waiting in long queues at busy times.”

How much does tyre safety matter to you?

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