How To Choose New Windows For Your Home

How to choose new windows for your home

I love to have light streaming into my home. On the occasions when I have lived in dark houses, I have seen my mental wellbeing decrease. That makes me think that investing in the right windows for your home is so important. Here are some quick tips on how to choose new windows for your home.

Set a budget when you choose new windows for your home

Regular readers know that I will always caution about spending more than you can afford. It can be so easy to get tempted when doing up your house. If you sit down and agree with your family members how much is really affordable, you prevent yourself getting into financial trouble right from the start. Sometimes this might mean you replace only some windows or just repair them so that they are better able to deal with challenging weather conditions. It might take you slightly longer to find the right company to do the job, too. But once you have found the most trusted window replacement service near you, you can be confident that you’re paying a suitable amount.

Window materials

Will you go for wood, aluminium, vinyl or fibreglass? Wood can look more in keeping with an older property and is also a good choice if you are only replacing some windows and want them to match the older ones. Vinyl allows for different colours and you don’t need to paint them. Fibreglass is that much better for insulation but also that bit more expensive.

Single-pane glass in the modern age is only appropriate for very warm climates or possibly outbuilding. Double or triple panes are better for reducing heat loss from the home. Not only that but they mean your home is protected more from the noise outside. Condensation is less of an issue with these type of windows. Watch out for R-values as a guide to the insulating properties of your windows.

How to choose new windows for your home

The fun part of the whole process is choosing the style of windows. Personal taste comes into play here along with considerations for choosing windows in keeping with the age and style of your home. Do some good research into the pros and cons of bay windows, casement windows,  double-hung windows and sliding windows. Your choice will be influenced by how much ventilation you are looking for and what sort of view you prefer. I love bay windows as I feel they lend  a bit of drama. My absolute favourites are French windows as they give so much light and flexibility.

Ordering your new windows

The people you order your windows from will need to know the thickness of your walls. You can order new windows several weeks from when you want them to be fitted. Be very wary about removing old windows before the new ones have arrived and you have checked they are fit for your purposes.

When you choose new windows for your home you are likely to live with the look of them inside and out for some time. Take your time to research what is perfect for your home and set a realistic budget.

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  • Kim Carberry

    My landlord has been promising new windows for a good couple of years. At the moment they are so draughty, especially when the wind blows. I had never thought about how much choice there is when it comes to windows x

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