Knowing One’s Surroundings: 10 Important Principles to Teach Your Kids About Staying Safe

There comes a point in every child’s life where they’ll start heading out into the world more and more and will start experimenting with their own independence. However, before this time comes, it’s important to make sure you’re teaching your kids about how to be safe and look after themselves.

It can be tough to remember to cover everything, so make your life easier, here are the ten safety principles you’re going to want to consider covering.

  1. Teach Internet Safety

Easily one of the most important safety points to consider, you should teach your kids why internet safety is so important, why they shouldn’t talk to people on social media they don’t know, nor should they reveal any private information like their age or address.

  1. Don’t Be Alone

There’s always safety in numbers, so teach your children to never go anywhere alone, and always stick in a group with other friends and kids. If no one is around, then they need to stay at home!

  1. Allow Conversation

None of these safety practices are possible if you don’t allow your child to openly speak to you, ask questions, or understand the rules you’re setting and why. Always allow for an open connection with your kids.

  1. Use a Password

It’s great when a friend or family member helps out and can pick your child up from school, but there’s nothing stopping a random person from driving up and saying that you asked them to pick your kid up, even when you didn’t. What you can do to counter this is to use a password system. If the person knows the password, then your kid will know that them picking you up is legitimate. If they don’t, then don’t go with them.

  1. Teach the Word ‘No’

No means no is so important and a skill that your child needs to learn now, and keep with them through life. Whether someone is hurting them, touching them, or making them feel unsafe, your child should have the ability to say no.

  1. Learning Contact Numbers

Children should know about emergency contact numbers, like the police and fire brigade, as well as how to use them and when is an appropriate time to call.

  1. Teach Basic Information

It should be second nature that your kids know your names, your address, and your phone number. This way, if they ever get into trouble and need to get in contact, say they get lost in town, they’re only a phone call away.

  1. Home Alone Rules

As your children grow up, there will come a time when you start to leave them at home on their own, and they need to know the ground rules for when this happens, such as locking the door and being able to call you if they need you. If you’ve used a certified LTC instructor and have a gun license, then kids need to be aware not to touch your weapons.

  1. Stay Away from Strangers

Of course, not all strangers are enemies, and most people are nice and genuine, but as a rule of thumb, teach your child to stay away from strangers, especially when you’re not around. Don’t talk to them, nor engage with them. Just walk away.

  1. Don’t Accept Things from Others

Unless you give permission for someone strange or even someone you know to gift something to your child, you should always teach your kid to say no and reject things until you say they can have it. You never know what people are handing over.


As you can see, there are lots of basic principles to be reminded of, so make sure you’re following them and teaching them in such a way that your child will understand and follow. This way, you’re minimizing the risk of something bad happening.

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