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Inspirational blogger interview – Donna Wishart

I was delighted when inspirational blogger Donna agreed to my interview request. I am sure you will be fascinated by what Donna has to say.

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Why did you start to blog?

I started to blog when my daughter was seven months old to document her weaning journey. We did baby led weaning and there wasn’t a huge amount of information about it at the time so I thought it could be useful to other people about to start weaning their babies.

How did you feel when you started blogging?

It was just like I was jumping into a new hobby. I didn’t tell anyone about the blog or really promote it so it was often just like I was talking to myself but I loved having something productive to do in the evenings. I certainly did not think I would ever be termed an inspirational blogger.

What is your blog about?

Although it started being very focused on weaning as the blog, and my children, have grown the content has adapted too. It’s now a blog about family life, days out and all the little ordinary moments as well as recipes, reviews, competitions and travel – when we get the chance to go away.

What is your proudest achievement related to blogging?

I have been nominated for awards and have been shortlisted in some too but for me, my proudest moments come from helping other bloggers. Most of my time now revolves around critiquing other blogs, offering advice and just being a point of referral for other bloggers. It makes me happy and I do it purely to help, not to get anything back. I think, because of that, when another blogger nominated me for an Outstanding Contribution award last year and said I was ‘a pillar of the blogging community’ that was my proudest moment. To know I have helped people and for other bloggers to know I am there if they need me – it just makes everything worthwhile.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

My favourite part of blogging is actually reading and commenting on other blogs. I run and take part in quite a few linkies each week and month and I love getting to know the people who join in as well as reading other blogs as something to do each evening. For me, other bloggers and the blogging community are a bigger part of blogging than my actual blog.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

I think the most challenging part for me is trying to keep all the plates spinning. There are photos to take, posts to write, recipes to plan and when you’ve put it all together you then have to promote the posts and be as active as possible across social media. Then there’s an inbox to keep on top of, linkies and everything else. Blogging has evolved into so much more than just writing – and I love it, but it can be hard to keep on top of all the different aspects of blogging.

What surprised you most about blogging?


When I started blogging I had no idea that blogging was a thing. I didn’t know there were other people out there writing blogs and doing the exact same thing as me. It felt like there was just me, talking to myself online. So the blogging community, when I eventually found it, was the most surprising part for me. But one I am so thankful for.

How do you collaborate or work in partnership with other bloggers?

I have an interview series on my blog called Blogger Behind the Blog where I interview a different blogger each week. It’s proven really popular with both readers and bloggers wanting to take part and it’s a series I’m so glad I started.

I also host and co-host a few linkies – Living Arrows, Ordinary Moments and Siblings – and it’s so nice to find other bloggers through linkies and also work so closely with likeminded bloggers too.

What would lead to you giving up blogging even as an inspirational blogger?

That actually made me laugh out loud. I can’t imagine a time where blogging isn’t in my life. I’m a blogger, it’s a huge part of who I am – it’s my job and it brings me so much happiness. Without my blog I don’t really know what I would do – I wouldn’t have a job but more than that I wouldn’t have this outlet, this place to express myself, to write and to document the children growing. I don’t think I will ever give up blogging willingly.

Why should I read your blog?

My blog is such an eclectic mix that I think most people would find something they’d enjoy reading – from family updates and little adventures to family recipes and pretty photos. But, I write regular opinion pieces on anything that may have popped into my head – current affairs and things I see on Facebook mainly. They’re always good to read.

What are the aims of your blog?

Really my blog is there to record the children’s milestones and updates as they grow. It’s somewhere to record the little things that I would forget otherwise and somewhere to have photos of them – ones that I would never get around to printing. But, it’s also a source of information for people on so many aspects of family life as well as being my only true hobby and my job.

Is there anything else you would like to share?


When I started blogging I was just this person writing a blog. But, over the last five years I have become a blogger – and my blog, and the whole blogging world, is such a huge part of my life. Starting my blog is definitely the best decision I ever made.

You can find Donna’s blog at What the Redhead Said

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