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10 Ways To Transform Your Garden

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Sometimes we focus more on the inside of our home over the outside, leaving our gardens looking tired and neglected. You want your garden to feel inviting and a place to enjoy those summer evenings. We have found ten ways that you can upgrade your garden from gloomy to show-stopping using simple measures from hammocks to lighting.

Go minimal

When deciding to upgrade your garden, you need first to determine whether you want a more minimal low maintenance garden or whether you have a green thumb and would like to be able to tend to your garden. If you have a smaller garden, we recommend going more minimal. We think adding in some artificial grass or a merbau patio decking can make your outside space look tidy and doesn’t require much looking after. 

Liven It Up With Plants

Whether your garden is big or small, livening it up with plants can make all the difference. You don’t have to go overboard, if your garden is small, add a few potted plants to your decking. For larger gardens, you can have dedicated areas to plant flowers, bushes, or even a vegetable patch. Having flowers in your garden will not only brighten it up but also attract wildlife that you can sit and watch on a summers day. 

Include Lighting

When the evenings get darker, you still want to be able to enjoy your garden. Including some fairy lights or solar lights within your flower beds can transform your garden and make you want to spend the evening cosy up under the stars.

Create A Tranquil Place

If your garden is busy with children and pets, create a tranquil place hidden away that you can visit to get some peace and feel calm. Add a nice egg chair, a swinging bench or stylish hammock and surround yourself with flowers.

Explore Open Living

Consider installing bi-folding doors across the back of your house. This will create the illusion of a bigger outside space by merging the inside with the out. Having the open space will allow you to host meals alfresco.

Incorporate Water A Feature

We love the sound of water falling, it sets off our calming sensors and creates a great focal point in your garden. Water features such as a fountain or a pond are excellent additions to any garden. 

Add Light And Space Using Mirrors

Having a weatherproof mirror in your garden will create the illusion of a bigger space. Decorate it with a border of flowers to make it subtle and plant some lovely flowers opposite to make your garden look more prominent. The good thing about mirrors is that they reflect light, so if you find your garden dark, then installing a mirror is a great investment.

We hope we have helped you when deciding how to transform your garden. We think adding just a few of these ideas will have your garden looking great in no time. For tips on your garden furniture, take a look at Choosing The Best Material For Outdoor Furniture.


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