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Good pillow for reducing back pain

A good pillow for reducing back pain is always a great buy. Back pain is a very common ailment and not always easy to treat. It leads to lots of us missing days from work with all that entails. It makes us utterly miserable too. I have had a troublesome few years when it comes to sleeping well. My husband and I moved into a house in 2019. Within weeks he decided he no longer wished to sleep in the same bed or room as myself. I spent months on a sofa bed in the lounge with him taking the room upstairs. After over 20 years together I found this rejection devastating. I visited my brother just before lockdown hit and slept on a bad bed that he had purchased for fifty quid. Then we moved and I was sleeping on an old chaise lounge. When my brother left for a new home in Scotland, I was on fold out chair beds. Sometimes life throws these curveballs our way and we don’t realise the impact they will have on our health.

My experience of back pain

My back pain has built up over time. It went from mild aches to excruciating pain. I was finding it difficult to physically get out of bed. With my husband deciding to live overseas, I am a new single parent so inevitably I have more to do to ensure the children are safe, well and happy. I don’t have time to rest a painful back. I have very little in the way of a support network in a totally new town to me.

A good pillow for reducing back pain

I was a bit cynical at the idea that a mere pillow could help with reducing back pain. After all, it goes under your head not your back. When you are in agony with your back you will try anything so I agreed to review a  dual support pillow from the Fine Bedding Company.

Dual Support pillow

The Dual Support pillow is the perfect combination of temperature-sensitive memory foam for bespoke support on one side, and luxurious microfibre layer for softness and cushioning on the other. This luxury memory foam pillow features Ultrafresh antimicrobial treatment, and is covered in a smooth cotton cover which can be removed for washing.

A pillow that relieves back pain

I was genuinely amazed at the impact using this pillow had on reducing my back pain. After months of pain which was leading me to despair, suddenly I could move normally again without any pain. That awful jabbing pain in my lower back and neck just disappeared within about 3 days of using the new pillow. Even after one night I could feel a really positive difference.

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  • Catherine

    Your experience is really interesting and it’s brilliant to hear that this pillow has helped with your back pain. I’ve been looking for a new pillow and it is really hard to know which one will work for me. The last one I bought was quite expensive but after two years it’s completely squashed and very uncomfortable. I ordered a new one yesterday so fingers crossed it will be a good one!


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