The Importance Of Regular Dentist Visits

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We only get one set of adult teeth, so we need to do everything we can to take excellent care of them and prevent dental problems from occurring. You will need to have an excellent oral hygiene routine, eat a healthy diet, and ensure you visit your dentist regularly. There are many benefits to regular dentist visits, and as well as preserving your teeth, it can also give you advanced warning of potential other health issues you may face.

Below are some ways you can benefit from seeing your dentist regularly and help preserve your smile for many years to come.

How Often You Should Visit The Dentist

If you have excellent oral health and do not have any problems with your teeth, you will want to visit your dentist every six months. You can visit more often if you have a problem that needs addressing but seeing them every six months can allow them to see the changes in your teeth and areas of concern that appear. When you visit Lane Cove dentists, it is also an excellent time to visit the hygienist at the same time and have a scrape and a polish to ensure there is no plaque on your teeth and they are nice and clean. If you reside in another city or town, finding a trusted dentist near you is highly recommended.

Avoid Having To Have Fillings

Fillings are something that many people have in their teeth, and regular dental visits can help you avoid having to have them. Your dentist can see the early warning signs of a cavity forming and help prevent you, or delay you, from having to drill the tooth out and have a filling put in it. They can also notice and prevent other conditions before they become worse and require further dental treatment.

The Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

Another condition that your dentist can help you prevent is gum disease, leading to significant problems if left unchecked. The first sign of gum disease is gingivitis, which can cause mild inflammation. You can reverse this with an excellent oral hygiene routine and regular cleanings at your dentist. However, if you do not treat this early, it can progress into periodontitis, which you cannot reverse.

They Can Help With Your Overall Health, Not Just Your Teeth

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Your dentist can also help diagnose other health problems you may have other than with your teeth. There are various medical conditions that your dentist can diagnose early and potentially save your life. They can help spot the first signs of oral cancer and see the warning signs of diabetes. They can also spot osteoporosis, where the bones start to lose mass and refer you to a specialist to help treat the condition. They can also help spot the signs of heart disease in patients and ensure you get the treatment you need. They can also see when people are suffering from an eating disorder, and people suffering from this are often good at hiding it, but your teeth and gums will tell the truth.

These are a few of the things your dentist can help you with when you visit them regularly. If it is over six months since you last saw your dentist, book an appointment with them today and ensure you and your teeth and gums are in excellent health.


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