Winter cycling safety tips for teenagers

We have recently moved to a new house which is so many miles from my teenage son’s  school. However, he is settled there and has made firm friends there. He has hopes of staying on in the Sixth Form. Fortunately there is a school bus to the town his school is located in but the bus stop is nearly 2 miles away from our house. I worry about him walking that distance in the colder months especially as there are no pavements along parts of the route. Dark mornings and nights don’t help much either. So I am thinking about getting him a bike  or something from Jorvik Tricyles. I thought I would look into winter cycling safety tips for teenagers.

Wearing a helmet

I hate so many cyclists don’t wear a helmet. If they have a crash the injuries can be life-threatening. Helmets are relatively affordable and are a no-brainer as far as I am concerned. You can get lights for cycle helmets so that is my plan for my teenage son. Obviously he will also have lights on the actual bike.

Choosing a route

There are about 3 days my son can get to his school bus stop from our home. I am going to consult the local Facebook group for advice on which is the safest for cycling. I know quieter roads can be more likely to have black ice on them. Hopefully we can work out a fairly direct route so he doesn’t have to navigate too many corners.

Deciding whether to cycle at all

I will be checking the weather forecast using the Met Office app on my phone. In the colder months weather conditions can change a lot over the course of a school day. I would much prefer to invest in a taxi to the bus stop than to put my son in unnecessary danger on particularly bad days weather-wise.

Dressing appropriately

My teenage son likes to by stylish so we may have disputes when it comes to what he wears for his journey. I got him some warm gloves for his birthday. He also got a jacket but I think he needs something warmer that is water and windproof. I was surprised to discover that you can overheat when cycling even on colder days. So I need to find something breathable and not too thick. It goes without saying that I will ensure he wears something that is bright or reflective so other road users can see him easily.

Servicing the bike

Just like with cars, bikes work better when regularly serviced. It’s false economy not to get this done particular when bikes are so threatened by winter weather conditions. I am not taking risks with my son’s wellbeing just for the sake of saving money.

Do you have any other winter cycling tips for teenagers to share with me?





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