Mindful Monsters activity cards from Scope

Scope, the disability charity has launched Mindful Monsters a set of activity cards, which gives parents a new and exciting way to help their little ones develop important life skills through exploring mindfulness, while spending quality time together. The cards are quick and easy activities parents and children can do anywhere.

Research shows mindfulness in families has many benefits such as resilience, improved focus, better understanding of emotions, a sense of calm and more positive thinking.

We took a look at the cards which are colourful and fun. Themes covered included positivity, concentration, creativity and relaxation.The activities are really easy to understand and quick to do without any complicated instruction

We are busy juggling family life, business, work, education and hobbies. We do not have time to do a PHD in mindfulness but we do have time to pick up a fun card, read simple guidelines and have a go.

Mindful Monsters Activity Cards

The children aged 11 and 13 were both interested so I think I might even try them out on my 16 year old in the hope mindfulness might help him with exam stress.

Mindful Monsters – the video

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