4 Tips for Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Home

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The idea of not feeling comfortable in your own home sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  Your home is supposed to be the place where you can unwind, be yourself, and be comfortable. Home is where the heart is, or that’s at least how the saying goes. Some people just don’t feel comfortable in their home but fortunately, there are some ways to take back your home so you can feel comfy and cozy in your haven.


You’ve probably heard time and time again why decluttering your home is important, you get to hear it again. Decluttering is super important! Not only is your home going to feel more open, clean, and organized, it will make you feel better too. Closed in and chaotic spaces can cause anxiety, and how can you feel calm and comfortable if you’re completely anxious, right? 

Just try to take some time out to spend a day or two going through everything you own. What can be thrown out and what are you willing to keep? Sometimes you don’t even need to throw anything out at all, it’s all about reorganizing.  So just look into creating some extra space so you can have more breathing room at home.

Add your personality

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in your home because you haven’t added your own personality into the space. When you decorate, are you decorating with things you like or what’s trendy? It’s important to furnish your home with things that you like, not things that you believe will look good or just complement the space. One of the key components of interior design is creating a beautiful space based on the person who will be using that room. One nice idea would be to look into fine art prints for sale. Adding some décor to your walls could be all you need to really feel like yourself at home.

Think about the colors in your home

Did you know that the colors in your home could be affecting your mood? That’s right, there is a lot of psychology in the colors that are in your home.  The colors being displayed could be what’s making you feel so uncomfortable at home. For example, red tends to make people feel heated up or angry while dark blue tends to make people feel sad and cold. 

Look into adding light colors such as neutrals or pastels into your home as these tend to evoke more positive moods. Light colors can also help make the room feel bright so when the sunlight creeps in, your space is much brighter.  So, start looking for your favourite shade of paint and get to painting.

Add your favorite fragrance

Fragrances are one of the greatest ways to feel cozy at home, just getting to smell that sweet aroma can put anybody in a great mood. So what are some of your favourite fragrances? You can have it anywhere in your home such as the small bedroom, kitchen, living room, just anywhere.  This could be scented candles, air freshener spray, wax warmers, essential oil diffusers, and so much more. Getting your home to smell nice and fresh doesn’t have to be expensive, just buy something you know you’ll love. 


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