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Quirky Design Ideas for Renovating Your Home Space

Renovating your home and coming up with fun, fresh design ideas to bring more life to the place can be lots of fun. How can you make the place look vibrant and more appealing? Thinking outside the box a little about all the viable design ideas for your home is a great start. Find out more in our guide to quirky design ideas for home space.

Trendy Lighting

There are many trendy modern lighting designs and fittings you can use to spruce up your house and bring positive vibes into your home. For example, hanging LED ceiling lights come in cool and unusual shapes, wall mounted lights, spotlights, ambient ‘mood lighting’ which can change colour, etc. You may decide you want to be extremely classy when renovating your home and invest in chandelier light fittings. So, do some research into all the stylish light fittings you could put around your home space.

Fancy Flooring

There’s nothing worse than having to endure walking across ice-cold floors in your home during the winter months. Try and get funky, stylish flooring designs for your home that look good and practical, conserve their heat during the winter, and do not feel cold on the surface. You may even choose to go one step further and invest in getting underfloor heating installed.

When thinking about what flooring you want to go for when renovating your home, think about the overall design style used predominately in your home. Rustic flooring designs, for instance, will fit in perfectly with houses that have a rustic interior design style running throughout the place. If you’re interested in getting your hands on quirky rustic flooring for your home, check out Lubelska. The firm has 15 years’ valuable experience producing reclaimed oak and terracotta and brick tile flooring for customers, so they can help you to find the right option for your home.

Do you enjoy a nice BBQ in the summer, or whenever the summer decides to come out in the UK? To sit outside and enjoy your garden space at home during the summer months, why not look into getting some top-notch patio flooring or decking done at home?

Awesome Windows

Having a lovely window design can be a great addition to your home. You may decide you want some wide bi-folding doors for your kitchen so you have level access straight into your garden and you can let in heaps of natural light. Just remember that bi-fold kitchen doors are often pricey. You may even decide to get windows in different colours or with elegant, intricate pattern designs. You may even choose to get classic stained-glass windows or add window grid patterns to make your windows really stand out!


Cool Staircase Designs

There are many cool contemporary staircase designs out there aside from the classic straight staircase design. Quarter and half-turn staircases allow you to take a brief break on the landing when walking up the stairs. Spiral and curved style staircases, however, are continuous stairs with no landing space; if you go for this option, look into the attractive looking bannisters you could get to make the staircase stand out.

So, these are just a few quirky design ideas you can take into consideration when you are in the process of renovating your home space. You can get as creative as you like.

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