Getting Into A Better Sleep Routine

Getting into a better sleep routine at night

In the last few months, I am troubled by insomnia. When I wake up, I find that I feel anxious with whirring and largely negative thoughts. It is an awful experience and leaves me feeling lonely and helpless. Getting into a better sleep routine  at night is essential as I am tired too much  of the time. Bed used to be my sanctuary – nowadays it is a place where I know I will end up feeling bad. Here are some things I am going to try in my attempt to get back to proper rest and relaxation.

Getting into a better sleep routine

I am a big coffee fan and people have often commented that I drink far too much of the stuff. Apparently, it is a good idea to cut out coffee after midday. I need to find something I like as much such as water which is great for hydration or the  natural, herbal sleep drinks from Snooze. I remember my mum always said warm milk can help with sleeping too.

Check out menopause medication

I wonder if this new anxiety is linked to the menopause at all. The NHS states that sleeping difficulties can be one of the symptoms of the menopause as hormonal changes take their toll. I need to invest in myself enough to get to a doctor and see if there are any treatments that might help.

Establish a sleeping pattern

It is challenging to establish a set sleeping pattern but it can be done. My research suggests this could make a big difference to the quality of my sleep. I guess it makes sense that if the body knows what to expect it responds more positively than with big chops and changes. I may need to negotiate with family members to ensure my sleeping time is sacrosanct but if good sleep makes me less irritable, they should be on board.

Not checking emails and social media

It is great that the Internet is available 24 hours a day for seven days per week. However, it leads too many of us to check up on things late at night. If the social media notifications or emails stress us out, surely that is better done if at all way before we try to get to sleep. I resolve to stop checking up on my phone in the evenings. The world won’t end if I find out the bad news in the morning and after a good night’s rest, I will be more equipped to deal with it.

Easing up on my perfectionism

I am too hard of myself sometimes. I try to do too much for too many people, I get caught up in comparing myself with other people and trying to do as well as they appear to be. This only contributes to anxiety. I need to learn that good enough really is good enough. I need to be less the helper and to reach out for support and assistance from other people.

Whatever happens, these dark nocturnal thoughts need to stop. What tips do you have for getting into a better sleep routine at night?




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