Ways To Accessorize Your Outfit

Ways to accessorize your outfit

I was lucky to have a brother who worked in fashion when I was younger. This meant as a Yorkshire lass in the Eighties I would receive gifts from London from him. I particularly loved chunky belts and also remember having a fine range of Swatch watches and Monty Don jewellery. It was a great start for a young woman to learn how to jazz up things when heading out for the evening. Although he would send me ball gowns, dresses and jackets, it was the accessories I loved most of all. Today, I am sharing 5 ways to accessorize your outfit so you stand out from the crowd. I like to take one outfit and see how many different ways it can look by changing up what I add to it.

Ways to accessorize your outfit

I grew up with a mum who always wanted jewellery as a present for her birthday or Christmas. She always said it was the smaller parcels that appealed to her most as they were likely to be a ring or perhaps a pair of ear-rings. I agree with her and a carefully selected gemstone can add so much to your look. I love statement necklaces and they always seem to boost my confidence. It’s great fun to check out items like the unique jewellery from Pomegranate London. I don’t think it matters what budget you have particularly really as there are some great costume jewellery alternatives out there if you budget does not stretch to gold and so on.


There are so many different ways to add a layer to transform an outfit. I love jackets and think they magically add style to almost any set of clothing. I think Gloria Hunniford shows us the way with vibrant jackets. You could take a leaf out of the French woman’s style file and add a scarf. Scarves always make me turn and look at a woman and wonder about  her individual story. As we enter the colder months, you might want to try a shawl.


I think many of us are too conservative with our choices of belt. There are so many different ones to choose from. I love a wide belt to accentuate my waist. I love how very different buckles can be too. Experiment a little.


It is such a shame that hats are not ordinarily worn as they used to be decades ago. These days they are all too often restricted to race meetings and weddings.  It does not have to be this way. Women who wear hats say it adds to their self-confidence and that is the very quality that exudes sex appeal.


When it comes to shoes, you can go for a classic route or mix it up. I love seeing sneakers with a tea dress. I am a big fan of boots too and the more colourful and different the better. It’s OK to make your own choices and rock your own unique style.

What are your favourite ways to accessorize your outfit? How would you describe your individual style?







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  • Jayne SMABL

    Fab tips! I like the trainers with dresses look too. I also love wearing my Dr. Martens with my skinny jeans or leggings, they go with pretty much anything. x #MMBC

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