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How to refresh your winter wardrobe

How to refresh your winter wardrobe may not be your top priority as you juggle work, money and parenting. However, investing in something new cheers the soul and it is fun to inject some colour into your life at this drab time of year.

Here are some items that have taken my fancy over the last few days.

Bags and purses

You might want to jazz up your wardrobe but jobs still need to be done so I loved this  practical and colourful shopper bag from Monsoon which is always a favourite store of mine. It comes with a zip pouch too. I like the floral print and it has a retro vibe and regular readers know I do love a little retro styling in  my world.




I have to share this idea with you as I think it is totally inspired – a belt with a bag attached to it. Why have I never thought of this before? I am not always a fan of the mustard type shades in clothing but I think it works well with this belt and bag combo from Zara.


I wear boots more than any other type of footwear. I have done this since my teens with the colours and styles changing over the years. I don’t like to go for high heels at all though. Acne have some great choices and I am loving these at the moment as such good quality, a fun silver colour and I won’t fall over on them. I have never worn silver before so why not? These combine style and comfort.



I have never worn many scarves partly because I never know how to tie them so that they look good. I acquired some at a jumble sale recently but they remain in the cupboard. I resolve to change this and to become known for my jazzy scarves. I might start with this purple pop of colour from Simple Be a store that also helps by catering for larger sizes. It is very bright but I think we need that at this time of year. There is something about scarves – they always draw my attention to a person and over the years I have noticed how many successful women wear them.

How To Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe


I know sunglasses might seem an odd choice at this time of year. However, we all have days when we don’t quite want to face the world and look it straight in the eye. Also it’s a bit like doing a rain dance, if we wear sunglasses, Spring  will come earlier right? I need prescription glasses and these Boss ones from Specsavers take my fancy.

So how do you refresh your winter wardrobe and which of my choices do you like best?


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