What Kind Of Foods Do Small Dogs Eat?

What kind of foods do small dogs eat?

Small dogs are not only cute, usually, they have huge personalities. Small dogs are not dolls or toys. Their calorie intake is large as compared to the amount of food they eat. What kind of foods so small dogs eat?

This is because their metabolism is active and burns food at a high energy rate. Their body surface area is greater as compared to their weight and size, and thus, they need more energy. A small ting dog will need twice as many calories as any Mastiff.

Small dogs (like the Pitsky) have little mouths and little tummies, and therefore, the process of maintaining the high-calorie rate for your dogs become more difficult.

It is better to feed your small dogs two to three times a day. The food for small breed dogs is usually nutrient rich. Their food is rich in fats and proteins and contains a small number of carbohydrates that are easy to digest.

The diet of small dogs should contain a high amount of calcium and phosphorous, as it helps in the growth and development of bones.

Diet for dogs

There are different types of diets that you can give to your small dogs. These diets include:

  • Wet Food This comes in pouches and cans. There is a huge variety of wet food available from which you have to choose for your dog. It is a good and palatable option for dogs, but don’t provide anything too much on. However, a combination of dry and wet food is also popular for small dogs.
  • Raw Food The concept of raw food has been getting popular in the past few years. The basic concept behind this type of food is that the food dogs consume in the wild is neither cooked nor contain additives. Many people like to make their own raw food diet for their small dogs.
  • Dry Kibble This diet is usually a balanced diet that is carefully worked out for small dogs by the manufacturer. You don’t need to add anything additional in this food, however, you should have water available. Some manufacturers of dry kibble make food for special breeds, others make flavors from which you can choose any for your dog.
  • Organic Food This food is produced in the same way as human organic food is produced. Organic food of dogs doesn’t come in contact with any chemical at any stage. This food has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. However, you may find it difficult to find out which brands are actually organic.
  • Grain Food In this type of food, you would not find any grain and gluten, as these ingredients may cause allergies in dogs.
  • Natural Food You will find many companies and brands that now produce food for dogs using human grade natural ingredients.
  • Fresh Food This particular type food items that comes in sealed packaging that looks like a sausage.

Every dog is different and in no way a single nutrition plan or a commercial dog food brand can be perfect for all small dogs. It is better to discuss the diet of your dog with your vet before setting up a proper meal plan.

What kind of foods so small dogs eat in your home?

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  • Ava Channing

    This article is right on time! I’m adopting my first small dog soon. I’ve had bigger dogs, but caring for them insn’t always the same – thanks!!

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