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Dreams of dining in London in 2020

I have big connections with London. I was born there although my childhood was spent in Yorkshire after my first 11 months on the planet. My uncle lived there and we would visit him regularly. Later both my brothers lived in London and I remember a lovely Christmas there walking in Hyde Park on a snowy Christmas morning. Dining in London back then was ordering haddock and chips from the local takeaway. What are my dreams of dining in London?

Dining in London is on my mind as I think about my forthcoming milestone birthday. I want to do afternoon tea at the Ritz. It would be a new experience and if I don’t do it now I am not sure it will happen. I love the whole concept of afternoon tea with dainty sandwiches and pastries not to mention scones (however you choose to pronounce that word!) with indulgent clotted cream. I also like the idea of experimenting with different teas as I hardly ever drink tea so that would be a novel experience. Since I will be there for a birthday, champagne will be waiting for me too. When I dine out I like the whole ambience of a place and I like stylish surroundings and the idea of chandeliers and mirrors whilst I luxuriate in a day off sounds just perfect.

I have eaten out in London over the years and my favourite place to eat is the Savoy again because the dining room is stunningly beautiful. The service is so very good. As for the food, it is so difficult to highlight any course that I have enjoyed most as I have never had a bad one. I do recall a particularly inventive cheesecake but then I am a huge fan of any cheesecake.

As I started to write this post I remembered a long held dream to visit Kettners in Soho. Soho always has such a fun vibe to it anyway. However, a family memory is what makes me want to go to Kettners for the first time. My Dad once went out with my uncle and his boyfriend to Kettners after a day at a sporting event. Dad never forgot the fun of that night. As I understand things much alcohol was consumed. My uncle’s boyfriend was quite strait-laced but apparently jumped up and span around a lamp post At the time Dad was married with small children and a busy police career. I think it was a night when he felt carefree and he still spoke about that night in his final year with us.

Taking a look at the Kettners website, it does not surprise me that it has a saucy past. It looks so stylish with mirrors and warm wood furnishings. I love the fact that so many celebrated creative have dined in this place. I had to stop looking at the French-inspired menu as I was salivating at the mere thought of dining in London at Kettners. What started as a bit of a whim to eat there has now become a definite intention. Even better you can stay overnight so it’s time for me to start planning my trip and perhaps incorporating a theatre show too.

Click here if you want to investigate your own dream dining in London experience.

Where would you recommend for dining in London?

What do you think of my dreams of dining in London?

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  • Millie

    Kettners sounds cool. Your dad had a fun night out; I hope you have a fun birthday. Can the Savoy or Ritz be fun? I don’t know. I’ve a big birthday to plan for next year and have made zero progress. I’ll look forward to hearing how yours goes. #BloggerClubUK

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