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Driving In EuropeDriving in Europe for me is a phrase that brings back so many fond memories. When I was a child we travelled in France and I was always chief navigator for my Dad. I am not sure whether he actually needed my assistance or whether he was just keeping me entertained. I do remember feeling very responsible and grown-up. Today’s post is about driving in Europe tips.

Just before I went to university, my older brother took me on a great road trip all around France. I was very anxious about going to university and I remember so many pep talks based on his experiences of music college. It really helped and gave my parents a much-needed break from my constant stressing.

We drove for so many miles often through the night and sometimes I worried he would end up falling asleep at the wheel. All my very best memories of my brother come from that adventure. Again  I navigated and once when he was tired, he snapped at me about a place name. Years later we giggled on a return trip with my 14 year old son when we saw signs to that place.

Dad and my brother would often pop across to Europe to stock up on wine supplies at bargain prices. Mum was very much against foreign travel for many years. Eventually persuaded, she tried Germany, Italy, Spain, Malta and France. Soon she was heading off to Egypt too!

When I visited France with my husband, I was so worried he would not adapt to driving on the other side of the road but he took to it really easily.

If you are planning on driving in Europe, I hope you find this infographic helpful. Discover more summer driving tips at Auto Protect and I wish you a happy holiday.

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Driving In Europe

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  • Briony

    I’ve many a find memory of road trips in Europe with the family from when I was young. Some not so fond ones as well sadly. But it’s still something I would like to revisit one day with my own family. Great tips. #CoolMumClub

  • Talya

    Some useful tips here! Driving in Europe can be a whole other ball game so I’m sure this will come in handy for anyone being brave enough to do so this summer! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub Kate and have a lovely summer x

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