Importance Of Using Literature In Primary School

Importance of using literature in primary school

English is the most popular foreign language. Most schools from all corners of the world  have English as one of their subjects. Learning this language usually starts at primary school level in most education systems. Understanding English as a foreign language is essential because it is applicable in almost every aspect of our lives. This post is about the importance of using literature in primary school.

There are instances where you will be required to address people in English. Most instructions on products or devices are usually written in English. Many consider it as a universal language, so by speaking even basic English you will find it easier to   address anyone from and in any part of the world. Communicative courses and textbooks are usually used when teaching English to primary school pupils.

However, this might not be enough to make them truly understand this language. One good alternative is the use of literature. It helps bring about a better, more comprehensive understanding. Some of the most common literature materials used include poems, stories, books and magazines.

You can also find literatura tasks from various online study sites. The different materials are usually categorized according to the age of the reader or by genre. There are several reasons why literature should be used in primary schools to promote a good understanding of English. They include:

Desire – importance of using literature in primary school

The use of literature in primary schools helps create that motivation or desire to understand a new language. We all know how children love stories. Narrating them to children captures all their attention because they will be keen to know all the developments of the characters in the plot. This is the perfect context for primary school children to learn and understand English better.


Using literature in primary schools will also help promote academic literacy. This is mostly because it helps improve the communication skills of the learners. It also helps promote deeper understanding when reading different materials written in English. Understanding English is usually an added advantage because it is the language used for instructions on most items, from devices to appliances. Using literature will help improve the thinking skills of primary school children, something which is vital for their coursework and future studies.

Change Agent – importance of using literature in primary school

Literature in primary schools can act as a good change agent when it comes to eradicating different beliefs or intolerance. Similarly, it also helps to raise awareness of  the various challenges facing the world. It helps children improve their understanding of others   and the situations they must face. As they grow, they can come up with solutions to the different issues affecting the world . The fact that literature provides for the study and evaluation of human nature means it can be used to point out the differences  in a way  that promotes peaceful coexistence.

Language Learning

Use of literature in primary schools helps promote proper language learning and understanding among pupils. The different literature materials used help promote a smoother understanding of the language. Texts are interesting for children, and these   make it easy for them to understand the language. Stories help improve the vocabulary skills of most children. They will learn several things that will help sharpen their language skills, even in their native language.

How would you describe the importance of using literature in primary school?

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