Unexpected ideas for decorating with rugs

A well-placed rug can do wonders with any space; it creates harmony, texture, pattern, color, and instantly adds warmth. From the dining room to the bath, you can shake up your style and reconnect with your home. Check out these home décor ideas to fuel your imagination. In this article, we’ll explain how to use a rug as an interior design element.


Warm up the kitchen with one or two rugs

If the kitchen is too modern or too cold for your taste, add a little bit of warmth. What better way to warm up your kitchen than with a rug? A small rug or two will soften the look and make the kitchen feel more inviting. Decorative rugs are strikingly washable, so you don’t have to worry about spills, which are inevitable. Layer the two kitchen rugs so that one is sitting on top of the other. This will add much-needed texture and contrast. Needless to say, the bottom rug will be larger than the top rug. When shopping for decorative rugs, seek different textures and colors.

Enhance the reading area

A cozy reading nook serves as a reminder that you need to slow down and take care of yourself. You can crawl into your own space and work through a stack of magazines or put on a face mask and begin a proper meditation session. Style your reading nook with soft, plush pillows and a knitted blanket. You can use scented candles to set the mood and a rug to enhance the area. A medium-sized rug adds softness underfoot, not to mention that it will define the zone. It’s one of those elements that give the space a new personality as the season changes. If your cozy reading nook isn’t near a rug, it will feel like you’re floating into space. The rug helps anchor the furniture, which in turn creates an intimate space.

Transform your rugs into a stair runner

The stairs are undoubtedly the last place in your house you’d think about decorating. To you, there just a means of getting from point A to point B. Why don’t you inject a little dose of style? All you need to do is to grab some rugs and a staple gun to create an impressive landing. You can use several rugs with similar color schemes and coordinating patterns. The effect is spectacular, you can be sure of that. The stairs will be more comfortable and, most importantly, safer because the rugs provide added traction for people going up or down the stairs. There’s less chance of falling or slipping.

Hide your TV in style

Hanging a V over the mantel is the only thing that’ worked for your home layout. Even if you don’t watch TV late at night, you can still feel the flat screen, which is eyesore. Disguise the TV by making it part of the decorating scheme. Choose a rug with bold graphics or more minimal. Rather than having a big black box, you’ll have a new piece of wall art. And your TV will be hidden in style. While some rugs are lighter and, therefore, easier to hang up, others are more troublesome (hand-knitted rugs, in particular).

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