Advantages Of Kids' Designer Clothing

Advantages of kids’ designer clothes

Kids designer clothing is something we might all think is a great idea when we are pregnant and dreaming of what sort of parent we would like to be. I was pretty clueless about the realities of parenting when I became pregnant for the first time. As the youngest child by quite a few years in the family, I was not used to being around babies and younger children. So I probably imagined my children in designer clothes surrounded by only wooden toys, never watching telly or eating sweets. Parenting for real proved so challenging for me that I turned to blogging! This post is about the advantages of kids’ designer clothes along with some of the downsides.

Advantages of kids’ designer clothes

Designer clothing is not necessarily the best choice for everyday wear if it comes with an expensive price tag too. Children will do messy play and babies do throw up. Food and drink spillages lead to stains which can be troublesome to remove.

Money matters

The  lovely thing now is that you can get designer clothing at more affordable prices if you shop in a savvy way.  Both men and women from all social backgrounds wear designer labels from time to time. Sales discounts can be huge and if you charity shop in certain areas you can pick up designer bargains at amazing prices.

Good reasons to go down the designer clothing route include the quality of the material and the sewing. I can remember my Mum pointing out how hems were that much bigger in designer clothing back in the day. She introduced me to designer labels at a very early age and was a huge fan of designer outlets.

Kids designer clothes

Some parents will think kids designer clothes are a good idea and some won’t. Greater affordability makes me more likely to buy designer clothing especially as the quality does tend to be better. As children get older, messes do tend to decrease so I am more likely to get them designer clothes now than when they were tiny. Special occasions are a good time to get kids designer clothing adding to making an event particularly special. I remember when my children were tiny wishing that good boys; clothes for parties were as available as they were for girls. Choices are better these days.

Do you buy kids designer clothing? Is that for everyday use or just for special occasions?

Kids Designer Clothes



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  • Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    I have never been able to afford designer clothes, for myself or my children, when I was working as a child minder, I looked after a little girl who always came dressed in beautiful dresses from an expensive store, I was always concerned that she would mess them up, until I spoke to her mum, who told me that if she came home looking as immaculate as she arrived, they would think that she hadn’t had a great day #a ythinggoes@_karendennis

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