Wedding Dress Styles To Suit Your Body Shape

Wedding dress styles for your body shape

When people see wedding dresses modelled in magazines or online, the body shapes shown are typically perfectly proportioned skinny and hour-glass. However, you should not let that put a downer on your wedding dress shopping expeditions. Weddings, and wedding preparations, should be a time for only complete happiness so there is no room for any body-confidence knocking. There are plenty of wedding dress styles to suit any body-shape, as this post will hopefully show you. It’s important though to remember that although there may be certain dress shapes that suit certain shapes, if you feel good in a dress, that’s all that matters.

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Straight – wedding dress styles to suit your body shape

This body shape tends to be classed as ‘sporty’, where the body features are less defined, hence it is labelled ‘straight’. It would be a great idea for women with this body shape to look at wedding dress styles that accentuate the waistline and draw attention to the centre of the body. Examples of wedding dress styles which enhance the waist are ball gown, halter neck, and V or U necklines. These all naturally draw peoples eyes away from the shoulders and in towards the waist, for example, a full skirt gives the impression that the hips are wider than they may actually be to add some curves.

Shapes to avoid are unfitted and straight dresses which don’t cling to any parts of the body. Also, harsh necklines like strapless or bardot styles could draw attention to the shoulders rather than the waist and exaggerate the straight nature of the body, rather than adding definition. The Alterations Boutique can help you to create and alter a dress to perfectly compliment your body shape or accentuate a part of your body that you love, they offer a range of bridal alterations from simple tweaks for embellishment to complete restyling.

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This body shape refers to bodies where the waist is wider with a smaller and more dainty top half. In this case, it would be a good idea to draw attention to your bust and/or shoulder areas. This could be done by going for wedding dress styles where the focal point is the neckline or sleeve details, for example, in winter this body shape would have even more excuse to wear a dress with long lace or pearl sleeves. A tip for which wedding dress style to avoid would be to try and stay away from loose dresses as they could cling to the wrong places and make your waist appear wider than it probably is. You could go for a completely fitted dress to accentuate the curves of the body. Examples of wedding dress styles to try are fishtail or mermaid.

Inverted triangle

This body shape could be considered as the opposite of the pear-shape, where the shoulders are wider than the hips and waist. People with this shape tend to be referred to as ‘top-heavy’ so it would be an idea to try wedding dress styles which accentuate the bottom-half and provide some balance. Examples of this could be ball-gown, a-line and v-neck dresses, which would all draw attention down from the shoulders.

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This is the body shape you probably see most in TV adverts, magazines and online. This shape tends to be where the top and bottom halves are balanced and defined… like an hourglass. This shape could be considered more versatile and would look great in most wedding dress styles – fitted, loose, trumpet, sheath etc. A feature you could incorporate is a corset back to draw your waist in further and exaggerate the hour-glass shape.

In general, something important to keep in mind when going wedding dress hunting, is that there is no ideal body shape. Although society’s standards may tell us that our bodies are ‘better’ if they look a certain way and our shoulder to hip ratio is perfectly matched… Don’t let your body confidence be swayed! If there is a part of your body that you love, show it off, whether it be your curvy hips or wide shoulders… Choose or alter wedding dress styles to showcase your favourite parts of your body.

The Alterations Boutique have a huge range of success stories with their bridal dress alterations, they were even acknowledged by famous designer David Emanuel for re-creating Kate Middleton’s famous wedding dress. If you would like to find out more about how you can alter your dress to suit your shape and accentuate your favourite features, visit The Alterations Boutique at or give them a ring on 0207 724 4147.

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