Caring For Your Grandparents During Lockdown

For many nations, lockdown isn’t going to end for a couple of weeks or maybe more. However, it seems like the prevailing wings of de-lockdown will mean it will be in slow increments. Normal life will return but some measures for the most vulnerable will still be in place for quite some time. The elderly especially, are going to need extended looking after. One of the key issues about Covid-19 is that the majority of the virus’ victims are over 70. What can really help keep the older generation alive, is nuanced measures of social distancing and at-home care. If you have aging grandparents, here’s how you can help them through an extensive lockdown.

Getting their meds

Many cities will be providing home delivery services for medical prescriptions. However, some workers don’t want to go outside unless they are certain the threat is clear. This unfortunately means, depending on where you live, your grandparents may not be able to get the medicines they need in their daily lives. You can order the medicines they usually have from the local pharmacy. If you show the person working behind the counter the prescription card or note from the doctor, they will be able to give you priority service as the items are for the elderly. When they’re ready, wipe them down with antibacterial wipes or spray the package with non-toxic anti-bacterial spray and let it dry. Then make sure you’ve washed your hands before delivering the medicines to their home. Ring the bell and stand back from the door, while leaving the items on the porch for them to collect.

Regularly checking in

During this time, billions of people are showing the best side of humanity. Everyone’s pulling together, going the extra mile every day of the week. Unfortunately, you do have some people that are showing the other side of humanity. Some care home residents are reporting bad care from those who are supposed to be feeding, clothing, and bathing them. This is why you should be checking in with your grandparents regularly if they too live in a care home. If you call up and hear the carers have not been very caring, speak with an elderly neglect attorney. Your grandparents deserve to be treated with dignity in their old age, not abused or treated like they have already passed away. The attorney will work with you and your grandparents to form a case and fight for adequate compensation.

Now or never

You have to introduce modern technology to your grandparents now, it’s for their own good. No matter how long it takes, no matter how tedious and aggravating it may be, teach your grandparents how to use conference call software. Using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, they can speak with you directly using a webcam and microphone. This way, you can keep in touch no matter the lockdown and check if they have had enough to eat or just chat about the usual stuff. It’s good for their mental cognitive to have a chat with you and it keeps their spirits high during this pandemic.

Caring for your grandparents during this lockdown has to be done in a nuanced fashion. Help them receive their usual medication so they remain healthy, but be careful you sanitize the items you deliver to them.

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  • Kim Carberry

    My dad is over 70 and has really surprised me by staying home and away from people which I didn’t expect.
    I speak to him every day on the phone but I haven’t seen him in about a month. I keep telling him he needs to start using video chats but he’s having none of it. He has his partner and they’re looking after each other so I know he’s OK x

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