10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Before it Goes on the Market

Are you looking to sell your house? If so you’ll be looking for ways that you can add value to it and make it look good and attractive for buyers. First impressions always count when it comes to selling your home or your commercial property, as a look at the feel of your home can make a massive impact straight away. 

You want prospective buyers to be able to walk and feel at home and that means ensuring that you are in the best position right now to make your home look good. It shouldn’t be expensive or tiresome to make your home shine, and we’ve got the best tips below to help you to spruce up your house before it goes to market.

spruce up your home

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  • Make sure that there is lots of light. One of the best ways to spruce up your house before it goes onto the market is to showcase the fact that it can brighten up through the day. If you have large windows in your home, make sure that you have window cleaners on hand to have them sparkling clean ready for the inspections and for open house situations. Maximize the light in the space as much as you can by getting rid of darkening curtains or blinds and trimming out the bushes outside the window. Make sure that you increase the brightness of your artificial lighting, like investing in fluorescent light bulbs. You can swap out the blinds in cartons for lighter colors to maximize space and that will help.
  • Fix up the nitty-gritty. If you have chips on the walls or holes in the skirting boards, mildly leaking taps or loose door handles and fixtures, it’s time to break out the toolbox and get these tightened up before the open house. These might be little touch ups, and they’re inexpensive, but would you want to buy a house from somebody who hasn’t taken care of it? The answer to that is probably no, and your buyers are going to feel the same way. This needs to be a smooth transition. You can make it so.
  • Make the kitchen sparkle. The kitchen is the hub of the home, and if you want to attract buyers and have somebody make you an offer, then you need to consider making a sparkle. You could even cook some cookies right before the open house starts so that your house and the kitchen smell welcoming and delicious.
  • Clean the carpets. Engaging the services of companies such as Eco Bond Carpet Cleaning is a great way to ensure that your house is spruced up and ready to be put on the market. Nobody wants to walk around at home with stains on the carpets and crunching on the floor. When you hire a cleaner, you know a very thorough job is going to be done, and they have the equipment and the tools to ensure it. 
  • Zhuzh up the bathroom. The bathroom is another huge area to pay attention to when you are selling the property. It has to be shiny and it has to look clean and that means replacing the toilet seat and ensuring that all the fixtures and fittings are working well. Check the pressure of your taps and your shower, too, because you can bet that your guests will.

spruce up your home

Image source: Pexels

  • Make a point of emphasizing storage space. Cupboards, wardrobes, pantry, laundry room – all of these places will be less appealing and spacious if they are full to the brim. In the week leading up to your open house, engage a friend or family member to help you to move your things out of the spaces to minimize what’s in there. The idea here is that you’d like to maximize the space and show just how much Real Estate you are setting on.
  • Engage a decorator. If the walls are scuffed and marked because of overall wear and tear over the years, then engage a decorator to come and touch these up for you. You could absolutely do this yourself, but if you don’t have time to do it all you can bet that the house is going to look fantastic. Small items of paint jobs and DIY should always be done by you, but this is an open house and you’re looking to maximize your return on your investment.
  • Go outside. Step outside the house and take a look back at what your home currently looks like. This will help you to see it from an outsider’s perspective. You’ll be able to see where you need to manicure the yard, go around the back and spruce up the garden, re-paint any chips fencing, and pressure wash the driveway on the front patio. Any decking areas that have furniture should also be completely cleaned down and they should look like a show home. It should be neat, tidy and attractive because these are all the things that are going to help people to look at your house and think that it’s the one. Even something as simple as edition of the bench outside the front door by the porch will help your house to look more relaxing and open to others
  • Do a general tidy up. Plump the pillows and vacuum the upholstery, wash the couch cushion covers and the bedspread. Everything should be neat, tidy and in its place. Add small effects such as flower jars and vases, photographs and paintings. Any of the things that you add should not be personal to you and your family, because your buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space and not you.
  • Make an entrance. People are coming into your open house through your front door, and that means you need to ensure that the light fixtures are cobweb free, the doorbell is working, and the knocker is shined to perfection. Add something that smells good to the front of the house so that when people step through it smells fresh and clean, and any shrubbery can be assets here because they can be decorated and tidied up.


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