How To Discover Your Innate Body Wisdom
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How to discover your innate body wisdom

With a New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions that lead to personal broken promises, guilt, and the vicious cycle of repetition! Unfortunately, we cannot break this pattern until we commit to doing the internal work required to make positive lasting changes in our lives. This post is about how to discover your innate body wisdom and was provided by Ilene who is the founder of Find Body Freedom

“When it comes to self-image, I’ve had my fair share around this merry-go-round of making promises that I neglected to maintain. If you’re anything like me, you can relate to painful struggles with body image, weight and my relationship with food – not to mention trying every diet known to womankind.

All of this left me frustrated and unsatisfied with my circumstances or my body. After decades of continuous battles with my weight, I had an epiphany that essentially birthed the Find Body Freedom movement. It went something like this:

Why are you listening to everyone else tell you how to eat, what you should weigh, and how you should feel about your body? Why is everyone else the expert on YOUR body?

How To Discover Your Innate Body Wisdom

Do I hear an amen in the back?! Instead of making another resolution, shift your mindset to these five Find Body Freedom guiding principles for innate wisdom toward your relationship with food.

  1. Food is fuel for the body.When we’re hungry, our bodies need fuel – just like our automobiles- to perform our activities of daily living. Proteins and carbs are fuel. Doughnuts are not!
  1. Eat whatever you want (what your body wants), keeping good nutrition in mind.(Your body, not your mind or your urges and cravings) will tell you what you need.
  1. Eat only when you’re hungry.Remember that baby? We don’t need to eat when we’re not hungry, although we may want to.
  1. Stop when you’re comfortable/ full.Would you keep fueling your car’s gas tank if it was already full? Of course not! So don’t do that to your body.

(There’s a fifth Find Body Freedom guideline that is not about food or eating, but important nonetheless.)

  1. Move/ exercise your body regularly. Bodies were made to move. That’s why we were born with arms and legs. Otherwise, we’d be big, giant heads. Picture that!

For me, following the Find Body Freedom principles has been liberating. I love my body. I take care of it. And it rewards me with vibrant health.

The starting place for me – and for any woman who wants freedom from conflicts with her body – is to pay attention to it.

Remember that innate body wisdom? Learn your body’s language and respond appropriately to its messages.

A word of caution here: Find Body Freedom is not a quick fix (like a diet, that as we know doesn’t work in the long run) but the payoff is body love, body peace, and body freedom.

As the Founder of Find Body Freedom, I desire to create a safe space for me – and women like me who wanted to stop their battles with their bodies. But it’s become so much more than that. 97% of women have negative thoughts and feelings about their bodies daily. 81% of 10-year-old girls are afraid of getting fat and wanting to go on diets. And over 10 million women and girls are struggling with life-threatening eating disorders.

Let’s join together and make it our mission to stop this madness, so we are not passing down these obsessions and unhealthy behaviors to the next generations of women – our daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters.

They’re worth it, and my friend, so are you.”

About Ilene Leshinsky, MSW

Ilene is the founder of Find Body Freedom, which helps women discover their innate body wisdom within. With over 25 years of experience as a social worker, Ilene commits to assisting women in combatting poor body image, while sharing her personal struggles as a testimony that freedom is possible.


Do you have any tips on how to discover your innate body wisdom to share with  my readers?

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