Stressed Out? How to Find Someone To Talk To

stressed out 

From mothers to young professionals to students and beyond, it often feels like stress has become part of you. Maybe it feels like a tattoo you never asked for or a new hairstyle that is the opposite of what you wanted. Whatever the reason for your stress, it can make everyday life trickier than it needs to be. While your stress may feel inescapable, the knowledge that you can find people to talk to can improve your prospects, but how do you find these people? 

Find A Professional 

Ask anybody, and they will say that the best way to deal with stress is to speak to a professional. The likes of The Awareness Centre use trained therapists who know exactly how to respond to your problems, and they can offer genuine advice or point you towards the most appropriate treatment. 

Professional help has never been easier, either. While you previously needed to attend appointments in person, many services offer over-the-phone solutions which allow you to talk, set up treatment plans, and find the root of your stress. 

Reach Out to Friends 

However, some people are uncomfortable talking to a professional or may not have the time or money to set aside an hour or so each week. If this sounds familiar, reaching out to friends could be an effective way to beat your stress. 

Although your friends don’t boast the qualifications that a professional does, they have one thing that a therapist lacks. They know you. They know all your nuances and quirks, and this can help them to help you. Of course, if you want them to listen, that’s okay, too. 

Share With Strangers 

Relying on anonymous message boards like Reddit or similar social media platforms has become a popular choice for those who don’t want to speak to a professional or their friends. There are many forums dedicated to helping p[eople deal with stress, and you can do all of this without worrying that you’ll get found out, which can make you more honest. 

However, these boards must be approached with some caution. Too often, they become echo chambers or the people providing advice don’t know what they are talking about. With Reddit, you may see incorrect advice upvoted over genuine advice, so be wary when listening to strangers. 

The Power of Journaling

Finally, journaling has proven to be an effective stress management tool, especially if you’re looking for something private and affordable. Many people find that they don’t need to speak to anyone other than themselves, and journaling allows them to get all their problems onto a page to work through them. 

Writing a daily journal can also help you identify patterns. This can mean you may discover the root of your stress. If you talk about the same activities or people when you feel bad, you have a hint as to why you feel this way, which means you can take steps to change things. 

Talk It Out 

Everyone will encounter stress at some point, but while some are adept at dealing with it, others need to find a way to release their stress by talking it out. These options can help you battle, deal with, and overcome stress, so find the option that works for you. 


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